HOT Flogging video.

Discussion in 'Fetish Forum' started by whipped guy, Dec 22, 2016.

  1. wisconsinguy

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    Well! I do believe you may have some knowledge of the circumstances, or does your memory fail you? Don't even look at weather forecasts anymore!

  2. whipped guy

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    Well all the heat down here has been frying my brain, but I now do vaguely recall a hot guy who definitely likes to have his nipples played with being flogged by an even hotter guy now that you mention it. Did it occur on the upper level of certain club in NYC... and was in not during the... I hate to mention word again ... the heat of the summmer... help me out here! ;)
  3. wisconsinguy

    wisconsinguy Baron

    You haven't lost it all! There was this other fellow wondering around the periphery of the activity of these individuals...did not get his name? Anyhooo...I think you have soo many encounters and activities planned, now that you are going through a second puberty, or perhaps never left the first, they tend to blend together!!! SUMMER 2017! WG2
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