Is this real, seems too brutal

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    I could handle an ass paddling/strapping that intense with no problem but know I'm in the minority. I saw a guy get caned once at a party at IML in Chicago and the top refused to go on even though the sub wanted him to because his butt was starting to bleed. I've never been to Inferno or the CHC but am told some really intense stuff goes on there.
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    I've had clients who I have caned until they started to bleed, who wanted to continue. Unfortunately that's where I draw the line, in case of legal liability for any damage that may be caused. It's something I'd suggest any escorts who are into BDSM give due consideration.
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    Caning is tricky as it is, to continue after bleeding begins to introduce other issues. Only the most experienced Dominants should go there. Lady Hugs wrote a good caning overview that's worth reading if you're into caning a sub or slave. Personally, were I to wish to make a caning session even more painful, I would do some "figging," from English-style canning, during the session to intensify the pain. Lady Hugs' overview discusses it near the end.

    Also, I refer you to Peter Masters' very informative and useful BDSM site for more info.,_safety,_and_risks
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