Majestic Performance of Dylan Song By Patti Smith at Nobel Prize Awards

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    I call shenanigans.

    Show up and be grateful you've received one of the highest honors mankind can bestow....

    or...don't...and look like an ass.

    He choose poorly....despite the fact that Patti was almost amazing.
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    How about a break from the discussion for a Dylan Christmas song, sort of.
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    Well, we must agree to disagree on this.

    There is a long catalog of serious critique of the Nobel Academy's aesthetic and political scleroses of vision across the years in their arts awards. (Those exist too in their science awards, but that's a different line of analysis.) Which they magnificently overcame here, but big whoop in the grand scheme. I think you genuflect to them too much.

    Of course everyone must make his own judgment.
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    And to add: that is unimaginably condescending.

    These artists summon themselves out of themselves to scale heights you and I would never have known existed.
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    To put it another way.

    These aesthetic achievements are as physicist Eugene Wigner's 'Cave of the Hot Winds' computational group within the Manhattan Project, up on the Los Alamos mesa, where other project workers could go with questions, and in real time, just computing in their heads, Wigner and his group would give them answers to far worse than, to quote one source, "those equations that lurk dragon-like in the last chapters of advanced calculus texts."
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    When you start quoting your own's time to stop.
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    No less brain-dead than before. Thanks for the consideration.
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    Dylan's insight that Smith, for reasons said in above posts, and then for so many larger reasons also, would be the one person alive who would be capable to so far exceed him in giving a Nobel-worthy performance.

    That word "exceed" fell into my understanding from Truman Capote, when he wrote that (quoting from memory), "People like Updike and Styron are 'fine' writers, but they won't last because they don't try to exceed themselves, the way Flannery O'Connor to take one of our current greatest examples always does."

    A statement equally applicable to, and true of, Capote himself.
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    The piece itself is simply so large as to be unperformable.

    He knew that.

    Her capacity to do so nonetheless.

    Beyond comment.
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