2016 year-end numbers and chart

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  1. Per annual tradition:

    2016 saw revenue regress toward the mean, down 27% year over year.

    The disappearance of rentboy probably affected me disproportionately to others in that I lost a first page ad in NYC. More importantly, my top five clients of 2015 who accounted for an unsustainable 60% of that year’s income decreased spending by 68% in 2016. 2016 saw somewhat less concentration.


    Kevin Slater
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  2. BaronArtz

    BaronArtz Count

    I always like your charts. Ignoring 2008 and 2009, when you took time off, 2016 also had the lowest annual revenue since 2010 ...

    It would be interesting to see what the growth, if any, in numbers of escorts competing in the NY market was since 2010. It is hard to come up with hard numbers given the number of escort websites and other information sources. I guess my basic question is: do you have more competition now than in 2010? What is your view on that.
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  3. I don't think so. But I am six years older than I was in 2010. :)

    Kevin Slater
  4. OliverSaks

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    Really appreciate your transparency.

    Hard to get a real idea about what / how others are doing.

    Thanks Kevin!

    (PS: your avatar pic here and his profile pic are uncanny https://rent.men/RickyP)
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  5. BaronArtz

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    We all are, I think. No big deal! Happy New Year!
  6. Same hike.

    Kevin Slater
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  7. rvwnsd

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    Kevin, you can insert your pivot table in my worksheet any time. ;)
  8. purplekow

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    Well that is in real years. Only 1 year older in escort years.
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  9. whipped guy

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    If I look back at my figures from being in business for 38 years, years that involved a presidential election always seemed to be down years. I always attributed this to an aura of uncertainty that made people overly cautious regarding any discretionary spending. Folks always were concerned with only attending to items that were a definite necessity. Ironically 2012 was your best year, yet 2016 seemed to match my experiences. Furthermore, if there ever was a business that dealt with so-called discretionary spending I would think that it would be escorting. Consequently it is feasible that the uncertainty factor is what caused your top 5 clients to decrease their spending by 68 percent over the past year. Yet it could all be just a coincidence or possibly related to remnants of the demise of Rentboy.

    In any event, you are to be commended for keeping track of things and being on top of things. So many people run their business operations by simply winging it. There is indeed a better way!

    Finally, 2016 was the first full year that I didn't need to worry about such things, and it was indeed a load off my shoulders! I have always done my own taxes. This year I should be able to do things with my eyes closed... At least I hope...
  10. Kufrol

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    Six years older also means six more years of experience and an expanded clientele base, and judging from your comments on these forums and your reviews, you are definitely a cut above the average. The economy, while improved, must contribute to the statistics. Like Oliver, I appreciate your transparency. I wish I traveled more frequently to New York. Happy New Year!
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  11. Topseed

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    Were your rates constant over this period?
  12. Yep.

    Kevin Slater
  13. west

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    I saw you for the first time this year. If I lived in NYC still I'd see you a lot more :)
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  14. Mocha

    Mocha Viscount

    I'm curious to see how this year plays out. I'd also be interested in seeing a similar graph in areas outside of NYC, for other people. If it was down in NYC, would it speak much more for other areas?

    Based on what I've already seen with excessive dandruff (flakes) and no shows in Florida and other areas in the South, I'm ambivalent to whether this year will be for better or for worse
  15. So would I.

    Kevin Slater
  16. Mocha

    Mocha Viscount

    Probably a hot mess. There's probably no data to go by at all because nothing substantial is happening. I go back and forth on whether these apps have affected, I've pretty much resolved that they definitely have affected.
  17. OliverSaks

    OliverSaks Knight

    So, we had minimal competition before the apps, and we were basically running above expectation with our earnings - the landscape has shifted and now we must adapt and diversify.

    I'm genuinely excited for the challenge!

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  18. Mocha

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    Ha...challenges are fun. But this isn't challenge, this is more of a stronghold. An oppression. A governmental possession of sorts.

    The reason why the apps are winning is because Apple and such won't allow such apps to promote our business. And with backpage censored, once again...we're losing the battle.

    The Native Americans couldn't adapt and diversify because the government shut em all down, killed them and their resources and confined them. Same thing happening to escorts.
  19. Michael Wayne

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    It is nice to see a respected colleague admit the truth and not lie and be in denial with false boasting as many escorts do these days! Thanks, Kevin. I am way down since rentboy died and now backpage is dead as well as hotspots magazine here in Ft Lauderdale is no longer allowing any adult classified ads. M4RN is essentially dead as well and as much as we all HATE that site it has consistently produced big revenue for me in smaller markets for years now. All of that is gone and all our eggs are in one basket: RENTMEN as Craigslist and the APPS are basicly useless for attracting high end and upscale clients. All we can do is hang in there @ www.rentmen.com/magicmikeydc
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