411 on Escorts into Breath Play?

Discussion in 'Fetish Forum' started by m_writer, Nov 27, 2016.

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    I'm posting this because it was suggested by an escort I recently visited. And let me say this beforehand, I am a BIG advocate on safety and consent.

    In my past session, the escort was wonderful and we had a terrific and exciting time where he was willing to try breath play. If he said "no", I would have left it alone, but the fact he agreed was uplifting.

    After I explained the safety and safe words, I tied the escort spreadeagled to the bed with leather wrist and ankle restraints and gagged him with a towel and made sure he was comfortable with his head resting on a pillow. With my phone on YouTube to a 30 second timer, I held another pillow over his face for 30 seconds, and then removed the pillow to allow him to breathe while I played with his body, cock, and nipples for the next 30 seconds. And I alternated every 30 seconds.

    Over and over I did this, and it was exciting to have him writhe, struggle, and scream through the gag and pillow pressed over his face while I was on top of him, his muscles and chest heaving and straining as he fought for air. After ten times, he gave the safety signal to stop because not only was his shoulder getting sore from pulling against the ropes, he said he felt tired and exhausted from being smothered.

    I released him, and we enjoyed the rest of the night, but the escort apologized for not lasting longer (which I told him his comfort and well being was far more important than my enjoyment - I was actually honored he trusted me so much). The escort said he'd be willing to try again (and might take half a Xanax tablet to relax before hand so that he won't thrash as much and might accidentally hit me).

    And here is the reason for this post: the escort also suggested that perhaps I can go on this forum (he's also a member) and ask around if there are other escorts who would be willing to do pillow breath play (he's only visiting my city)? I definitely do not do plastic bags or anything choking because the neck is fragile, and I won't risk damaging the larynx or windpipe, but pillow smothering is something that definitely get me hot (a muscular and strapping guy helplessly forced to struggle and writhe under a pillow muffling his screams while laying on top of him and feeling him fight underneath you). But, I'm not sure since this escort was the ONLY one who I ever hired in the past who was willing to do it (and I'm glad he'd say he'd do it again).

    Any thoughts or suggestions? Or am I the only one who finds this erotic? And to reiterate, if an escort said he did not want to do it, then I'd respect his wishes because I will not do anything without consent, even if I am a client.
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    Doesn't this belong in the fetish forum?
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    A lot of people seem to find breath play erotic. The last escort I spent time with sort of indicated he would like to do it. I said "no." It's appealing, but just a little to out there.
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    Whoops! Sorry! Can I get an admin to change this to the Fetish forum then? Or should I delete this and post a copy on the Fetish section?

    I'm sorry about the mistake! :oops:
  5. I do enjoy breath play, but I have never done it with an escort.
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    I first learned about breath play from a smoking hot escort in So. Cal.
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    Any chance the escort advertises? And is he the dominant, submissive, or does both?
  8. It sure does!
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    Maybe, maybe not. Message board header for Fetish Forum (italics I added):

    Fetsish Forum
    Discussion of fetishes and stuff, not necesarily things you try or dream of doing with escorts.
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    Well, I do want to follow the rules, so since I can't seem to move this topic to whatever is appropriate, I hope an admin can let me know how to or move it for me if its necessary.

    And as he post says, I did it with an escort, but by his suggestion, I'm asking if there are any escorts anyone knows who specialize or participate as a submissive for this type of breath play?

    Thank you to everyone for the help.

  11. Don't worry if the MGT thinks it should be on a different forum they'll move it sooner or later but a link to the alleged escort might definitely stick this to The Deli because it would be a discussion specifically about him.
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    Or someone hit "report" which I will not for this thread...I do report at times though.
  13. I only click that button when I see a hard cock or a butthole openly displayed in the gallery and not with a link.
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    A good friend of mine was found, dead, with a plastic bag over his head and his hands tied behind his back with a plastic tie. His front door was unlocked and the alarm not set. He locked his house whether he was indoors or not. I think it was ruled a suicide, although homicide secondary to asphyxiation erotic play was also considered.

    Having had a pulmonary embolism and being under incredible hyperoxic therapy for a week--they couldn't intubate, sedate, and ventilate me because they didn't know if I had a patent foramen ovale and would through another clot to my brain--makes me even less interested in this topic.

    Be careful gentlemen. If you're going to do this kind of thing, please make sure you know how to "rescue breathe" as part of CPR.
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    hmm the only breath play im into, is having a thick cock shoved down my throat and trying to breath around it :p
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    PM me for details
  17. Something similar happened to this young man with a promising future.

  18. I guess you don't have gag reflex like me... ;)
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    But those are cases when they were (seemingly) alone and had no one else to watch them.

    In my case, I was watching over the escort (and yes, I know CPR). But I'm not downplaying the danger; I want to be safe, and if the escort says he wants me to stop, I will stop. But since it's hard to find and this escort is the only one who was willing, I wanted to post this to ask if anyone knows other escorts who deal with/specialize in breath play (like MPF_1966's posts) and who wouldn't mind having a pillow pressed over their face.
  20. or with a guy they've hired... I'm sorry but that's not my cup of tea and if it was I would only do it with an escort I've met many times and trust or with a friend.