411 on Escorts into Breath Play?

Discussion in 'Fetish Forum' started by m_writer, Nov 27, 2016.

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    Reminds me of Kung Foo's end.

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    I think it's an interesting practice, and I think the danger of accidental asphyxiation is minimal with another person present. But it appears there is also a significant risk of life-threatening arrhythmia. That would tend to put me off of it.
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    First to @m_writer I like your basic attitude and concern about safely, concent, and comfort. Also, I don't think that you nescrssarily posted things initially in the wrong forum. However, that is not for posters to decide. Plus, it is a very small point.

    Also kudos for having the type of demeanor such that you were trusted by the escort. Yes, many escorts practice such non-mainstream activities in their personal sex lives and look forward to hooking up with clients who are into similar activities. Still others are curious about such activities and when they connect with a client with whom they feel a special bond are often more than willing to expand their own horizons. You are definitly one of those special clients.

    For the record, breath control personaly freaks me out and is not something that I would like to experience. Even a hood that minimally restricts breathing freaks me out. I have done things over the years that have made me question my sanity... @Rudynate mentions arrhythmia above and I have developed one. I always wonder if it was due to electrical play above the waist. I mentioned it to my cardiologist (without getting explicit about the details ;)) and he thinks that it was not the cause, but who knows. So just play safely snd sanely.

    In any event, it is good to know that you are more concerned about your partner's safety and well being rather than your pleasure. That's the golden rule and especially in fetish play where there is the possibility for injury to occur.
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    To @whipped guy thank you for your kind words. :)

    Yes, I'm glad the escort trusted me enough and in no way did I want to abuse that trust, so his safety and whether or not he wanted to continue was more important. Still, you have to give him credit for enduring five minutes of being smothered with a pillow.

    The problem is that he's the only escort so far who was willing to do it. I contacted another escort months ago, and he dropped out saying he wasn't interested and didn't feel comfortable even though he advertised as kinky and how he's willing to do anything as a "pig". That's why I made this thread; the escort suggested try asking on this forum if there are other muscular escorts willing to do pillow breath play as the sub, but so far, nada. :(

    Although I can understand it; it requires a lot of trust and safety that doesn't occur from a first time client, so a escort being asked to be smothered out of the blue from a stranger would definitely get some red flags warning. So if anything, I'm very grateful to find an escort who is willing to do it with me (even though he comes to my area once or twice a year).
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    To @m_writer... Well, from experience if you exhibit a certain demeanor with escorts they will get to trust you. At times it happens on the first meeting (very rare) but usually over a period of time.

    Examples: I had hired a now retired escort a number of times where I was the S&M sub. Suddenly at one session he got on his knees, looked up at me and begged me to punish him. Out of the blue there was a role reversal that I never saw coming! With a different escort where again I was always the sub I jokingly said that next time I was going to play the Dom. He said he would think about it and I never gave it much thought of ever happening. However, at our very next get together he said, "Isn't this going to be the session where you work me over?" Surprise surprise!

    What is ironic is that both guys wanted reviews! Of course they were very carefully written. Heck more than one guy let me do it on our first meeting. However, on two of those occasions one of the escort's clients who was a good friend had previously vouched for me and that other client joined us at one of the sessions. Again they both wanted reviews! It happened another time at a first meeting as well. That guy didn't want me to advertise the fact, but again I said it jokingly and he took me up on the offer.

    Of course we are into different activities, but they are still fetish related. Perhaps fewer guys are into your type of activity. However, good things cum to those who wait. Plus, you never know when it might happen. Here's wishing you the best of luck and hopefully this thread eventually will help!!!! But then again out of the clear blue something might unexpectedly develop!!!! You never know! Again best of luck!!!!!!
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    Erotic asphyxiation is indeed an amazing way to orgasm. I find it most interesting that you pay to be the Dominant, rather than the Submissive. The main problem you are going to find with most everyone is that of TRUST. If you are turned on by full submission bondage during the session, there are very very few people who are going to trust a perfect stranger to put himself in such a vulnerable position. I would suggest an in-tandem hire of two kink professionals, so there is a monitor to provide a level of security to the submissive.
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    Oh, I see. So hire two kink escorts (most likely a duo) and inform them that one will be smothered and the other will just watch to give the assurance that nothing bad would happen.

    As expensive as that is, if it makes the escort happier and more at ease, then I don't see why not, if I can find two kink professionals who would be willing to work in tandem. The problem is that I would need more time to save up the seed money. :D

    And yeah, it's rare, but I want to dominate a muscular guy bigger than me because the thought of a bigger and beefier guy being forced to submit to my will via a pillow and feeling him fight and struggle against the ropes and muffled shouting as I lie on top of him and apply pressure to the pillow over his face kinda gets me going.

    But again, the trust is a big factor and the previous escort I hired was completely open to it (hence why I was honored and would not betray his trust for anything).

    Hmmm...know any kin professionals who work as a due or would be up for this sort of arrangement and breath play @pubic_assistance?
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    @m_writer While I'm not into your activity the way you describe it as the dominant force with a beefy muscular guy as the sub "being forced to submit" is soooo hot. I now totally get where you are coming from as I didn't initially quite get the whole scene from your perspective. Yeah, it really makes you feel like a superhero when a hot guy is begging for mercy and you are in control! Of course I enjoy switching things up and being on the other side of the equation as well... ;)

    Have you ever been the sub in such activities? My theory is the the best S&M doms have had experiences as subs along the way. Analogous to the best CEO's having learned the ropes from working their way up the ladder by begining in the mail room... literally learning the job from the bottom up.
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    I completely agree with that statement. All my BDSM skills were learned by "submitting" when I was young. Breath control play provides the biggest orgasm you can imagine. It's an intense ride...but I repeat: TRUST TRUST & more TRUST are key.
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    I've had to just hold my own breath. The escorts I've had weren't willing to hold my head underwater, even for 10 seconds. I did have a good headlock once, but that's way more dangerous than the bathtub, IMHO.