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Discussion in 'The Spa' started by Jam, Jan 11, 2017.

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    Those pics have been around since late 90s. Does anyone have recent stats etc?
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    He's not a masseuse; he's a masseur.
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    so corrected
    Thank you
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    Just Say No
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    I saw him about 15 -18 years ago and he still uses the same pics today. He was very handsome, well endowed, and gave an adequate massage. Near the end, after he had " turned up the heat" he offered an upgrade for a significant increase in his fee. I declined. I detest that behavior. If you are offering upgrades, do so when I make the booking, or when I arrive, not after you have been brushing my nether regions and whispering in my ear for an hour. He was handsome, but unless his name is Dorian Gray, I doubt he looks the same as he does in those old images. I know I don't .
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    Ditto to body2body's comments. I know that picture is over 15 years old.
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    That picture isn't even his - it's of porn star Dick Wolf.
  11. Rudynate

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    I saw him 7-8 years ago. I enjoyed it. At the time he was tall, dark, handsome and lean. The massage was OK, but not stellar, the sex was enjoyable, but not memorable. He was nice, somewhat chatty. The experience did feel a little programmed, but I thought - Oh well, maybe that's LA.
  12. jeepo1

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    i enjoyed the massage the few times I had gone to him, the sex was enjoyable and never an up charge but the last two times i could not take the chatter...he didn't shut up ever during the massage, during sex not once. Saw him last year and he still looked good....but the talking....i can't stress it enough. Imagine the most amount of talking you can suffer through during 60 minutes. now take that amount and multiply it by about 10 then take that amount and double it. That still isn't the amount of chatter he does.

    So if your hard of hearing I suppose it wouldn't be half bad to see him
  13. Jam

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    How old would you say he looked when you saw him last year?
    Was he talking about anything specific or just rambling?
  14. jeepo1

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    i think your asking me. i am the worst judge of age so i can't answer that. he wasn't a kid but didn't look "old" what ever that means.

    it was nonsensical ramblings and commentary on stupid stuff i think he is not comfortable with silence so he seemed to just fill the silence with chatter.
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    Rapid rambling is a very common side effect of many different stimulants, like meth, cocaine, or amphetamines. Since I've never met this person, I have no idea if it's drugs or some other issue. There are other neurological issues that can lead to such behavior, such as mania in bipolar disorder.
  16. hardjohnny

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    Given my experience with this narcissistic freak, it wouldn't surprise me if he's bipolar or if he's addicted to drugs. Anyone thinking of going to him need to understand there are many - MANY better masseurs out there. Just stay away from Josh.
  17. jeepo1

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    I do not believe it is drugs. It in my opinion was not the ramblings of somebody on drugs which has a unique pattern to it. It really just sounds like chatter to fill the silence. The problem is most people want silence during a massage
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    I have read thru the comments re: Josh and have some feedback. I have been to masseurs before who once the massage commences start talking.....telling me their life story....asking where I am from, etc.....I myself prefer silence. I know some out there who enjoy the conversation during a massage. I do not. On many occasions if the masseur starts talking during the session I just tell them that I enjoy to relax during the massage and it is hard for me to relax if they are talking. This works 99% of the time. If they continue to talk....or stop talking for 5 minutes but start again.....I gently remind them I am trying to relax and the talking makes that difficult. They then totally stop. Works every time! If I ever encounter a situation in the future....with Josh...or anyone who does not shut up....then I would end the session. Remember....this is OUR massage.....that WE are paying for. Do not hesitate to let any masseur know if something is bothering you....to much talking, room is cold, pressure is not right, etc. Masseurs are not mind readers.....communication is the key thing!
  19. hardjohnny

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    With me, it wasn't the fact that Josh spoke during the massage. That didn't matter. What did matter is that he was very condescending in the way he talked. But what's worse - Josh, in how he treated me, left me with the conclusion that the man is a narcissist at best, a sociopath at worst. He's a pig. Stay away.
  20. I don't think it's drugs; heck, with me he was talking about financial matters--his IRA, taxes, etc.; and then the upsell; LA has too many other choices for a repeat of Josh