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  1. Anyone here meet Justin Stone from NYC and Ohio?

    I think he goes to college in Ohio and isn't that from me. He says he's coming back my way in another month and I'm into a lot of the stuff he mentions in his profile and he's my type but I'm a little skeptical of someone that is only 21 and claims to be "very experienced" in kink. He has good reviews on daddy but only one of them is a multi reviewer and I'm skeptical of one time reviewers.
  2. Despardo

    Despardo Count

    It must be difficult (though not impossible) to be a convincing dominant fetish top when one is cute, blond and 21. He looks so friendly! Basically, I like what I see--a lot. I'm just not into his specialty.
  3. kjun

    kjun Viscount

    Not into his scenes but his price sure is right.
  4. Zman

    Zman Viscount

    Great ad. He proves that escorts should always post pictures smiling, even doms advertising degradation and nipple torture. :)
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  5. goosh69

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    Yuck. No, science literally says men look sexier when not smiling to most people. Google it .
  6. Zman

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    Well IMHO opinion most escort improve their ads if they posts pictures smiling. And also with dogs. Dogs are cute.
  7. goosh69

    goosh69 Lord

    Yes I'm not saying NO ONE does. It's just most.
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  8. glennnn

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    I must be an exception. However, there are smiles " Glad to see you, Gramma!", And smiles "I love the taste of cock!" LOL!
  9. Despardo

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    An old friend was a big, bearded, barrel chested, tattooed leather man. Sweetest and funniest man alive. He introduced me to the leather scene where I did not really fit. Took me in NYC to the Mineshaft--that clicked with me (the place was foul, but really hot!) and I became something of a regular visitor. Sweet, jolly old Rob taught me that when in full leather mode, one never, ever smiles.
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