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  1. doitb4ugo

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    In an other thread here there was a mention (under public sex, I think) of NY Jacks, a place where men gather to jack each other off...or watch.

    Has anyone here any first hand info on this club....They have JO parties on Tuesdays and Sundays. How big is the group of attendees. How varied are the guys; age, etc. Is the action quiet or rowdy.

    Any info would be helpful as I am comtemplating going to a meeting but their website does not say too much.
  2. ChiTown

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    Rich, first "hand" info . . . pun intended? :)
  3. That was a reach.

    Kevin Slater
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  4. nynakedtop

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    hello... i have been and the action, though intense, does not vary much from jerking off one another. if that is sufficient for your desires, you can check it out.

    if, however, you would like a situation where the action can be a bit more varied, nyc has plenty of alternative venues. just let me know if you need some advice from a local.

    btw: nyjacks hotness factor? hmmm.... maybe 30%, but to each one's own, right?
  5. LookingAround

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    I went once and found it a bit boring. Just jerking each other off doesn't provide much variety.
  6. nynakedtop

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  7. ChiTown

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    Nice link, nakedtop . . . Thanks for sharing!
  8. nynakedtop

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    welcome... and if you need some "personal guidance" on the many choices, just let me know! happy to help out...
  9. sniggy

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    Bumping this very old thread to see if anyone has gone recently? The idea of a big old naked circle jerk appeals to me and I was thinking of going. Anyone been or wanna go?
  10. whipped guy

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    Here is their current website....


    I have never gone, but... I know that they meet on Tuesdays at Paddles (The S&M Cub) at 250 W. 26th Street in NYC. They don't say where they meet on Sunday Afternoons so you need to call to get that info. Regarding Paddles, it's where the NY Bondage Club meets on Sunday evenings and it is a total dump, but the raunchy atmosphere kinda fits in to the scene. For the record it is a kind of Jack Off Club in a sense as well, it's just that if you like a bit of S&M or Bondage can be introduced as well. Of course there is also a guy who gives messages with a happy ending if that is your thing and it's included in the admission. There is one guy who loves to have his nipples manipulated and worked over while he jerks himself off. On more than one occasion I have been able to get him to shoot across the room. In any event at the end of a typical night there is quite a bit of cum plastered on the walls and floor of the place. It's quite dark so it may not be evident, but it's there and it can be slippery on the floor before it dries! So watch your step! ;) That they probably never clean up the mess afterwards certainly adds to the "ambience"! :eek:


    PS: Don't expect all the guys who attend to look like those pictured on both websites!!!!!
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  11. whipped guy

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    As an addendum to the above post I had ironically posted this photo in the "My "pics" of the day" thread in the Gallery before this thread was revived. Again, would that all those who frequented such clubs looked like these guys.


    One more observation regarding my post above where I mention a guy who would jack off as I manipulated his nips. When the deed is completed he always thanks me and then promptly puts his clothes back on and leaves having been totally satisfied. It's all kind if a "slam bam thank you mam" situation. Of course some guys can come multiple times... unfortunately many of us are not in that category! :( Incidentally at the NYBC there are other activities as well, I would guess that at the Jack-off club there would also be other such activities. ;) ;) I wonder if that would be the case as many areas at Paddles are quite dim...
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  12. Madman

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    I went about a year and a half ago to the Sunday afternoon one. While there were definitely guys of all ages there were a surprising number of pretty well hung, good looking guys in their 20s. There were like 50-60 guys at the peak often in groups of 3 or more. And I'd say most of the guys try to hold off on coming as long as possible but things definitely wound down after about 90 minutes. Not something I'd do on a regular basis but it was interesting.
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  13. LongIslandGuy

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    Have always wanted to go... do you have to get naked?
  14. nynakedtop

    nynakedtop Count

    i have been a number of times and i would say that wearing too much clothing (by which i mean much more than underwear) might be awkward given the situation!

    there are many other gatherings in NY that do not restrict activities as NYJacks does - it all depends on one's preferences... i tend to prefer "less restrictive" environments.
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  15. LongIslandGuy

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    Thanks. Where would I find them?
  16. nynakedtop

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    there is kind of an informal network where info is exchanged... not sure how appropriate it is to post here - try a search for cumunion as a starting point!
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  17. whipped guy

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    Read between the lines... ;) ;) Plus there is that informal network from what I hear.
  18. Madman

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    Well I think everybody had shoes on but other than that pretty much everyone got naked.
  19. allow me to suggest bateworld as a good place to get some more info on NY JACKS and to network with other guys interested in JO