411 on Ren/Ethan/Mark in LA?

Discussion in 'The Spa' started by workingoutnow, Jan 10, 2017.

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    New to the forum. Will go thru over time to give my thoughts on some of the Masseurs I've seen in a variety of cities.

    In LA this week and pondering several options, many of whom - e.g. David - have comments.

    3 I was also considering that if anyone has thoughts, i'd appreciate:
    - Ren https://www.massagem4m.com/ca/west-hollywood/18265/
    - Ethen https://www.massagem4m.com/ca/los-angeles/18206/
    - Mark https://www.masseurfinder.com/members/mckmassage.shtml

    Looking for a solid medium/deep pressure massage foremost but if chemistry is good, like some degree of erotic/HE experience too.