411 on SexyCoolMan---L.A./NYC

Discussion in 'The Deli' started by RexB, Jan 5, 2017.

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    Bumping this up! No takers yet?
  3. mikefl81

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    Doesn't he do porn for Lucas Entertainment? I'm blanking on his porn name but I believe there was another thread about him.
  4. tennisjock

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    Oh gosh if he does do porn ..does anyone know his porn name?
  5. mikefl81

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    Sorry, I thought he was "coolguy" on rentmen: www.rentmen.com/coolguy who does porn under Alexander Volkov. For some reason I thought the pics were similar but looks like I was wrong... different stats and pics. My bad!
  6. alexslaveboy

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    He looks spectacular in his RM pictures very nice physique. But sadly at 5'8" he's a bit too short for the dungeon.... :(
  7. big-n-tall

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    Isn't that what a "rack" is for? I mean you should have one in a dungeon. Stretch him out! :D :p
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  8. BaronArtz

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    Impressive pictures indeed. 35 is a bit older than what I normally go for, but there is potential there. Sent him a message to inquire about his incall rate.
  9. goosh69

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    "35" you mean.
  10. tennisjock

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    I used to have a strict no older than 30 rule when hiring..but have come to learn that some of the most insane pleasurable sessions have been with men older than that so I threw away the age restriction.. just saying.

    Of course some young pups can cum two to three rounds a session whereas the more mature tend to stay in the saddle a lot longer and with much more skill..:)
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    ahem . . . ditto
  12. caliguy

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    Well, that's really sad. Kind of hard to find twinks that look like that though.
  13. BaronArtz

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    The incall rate in NYC is 300. Not bad,
  14. SCM's age is a big plus for me. My question is whether the pics are current. Still no experience among this group?

    I'm in contact with him, and just asked for rates. He's been very responsive so far.

    He's advertising in San Diego and Orange County now too. That's where I found him.
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  15. Bump.

    Really -- this guy has advertised in NY, LA and elsewhere, he may or may not have done videos, and NOBODY here has tried him? And no reviews of any kind ANYWHERE?