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Discussion in 'The Deli' started by markpaul, Jun 25, 2016.

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  2. rvwnsd

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    I do not, but I want to thank you for bringing this guy to my attention. He will be in Orange County, CA in July. Hopefully, someone will report back.
  3. jeepman

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    Anyone meet up with Zayne? Chatted with him a few times by e-mail- sounds cool and genuine-thinking of seeing him in NYC.
  4. Cestmoi

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    Anybody been with this guy?
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  5. rvwnsd

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    No, but after he replied to my initial message with a question, I answered it and he stopped replying.

  6. GBoi

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    Chatted with him, seemed pretty cool, but was too expensive for me
  7. Sandlapp

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    I added him to my buddy list for the sole reason that his profile picture is ridiculously hot.
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  8. glennnn

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    What a shame. He is my perfect type. I would love to be able to write his first Daddy's review, but I have no time for problems and issues. @rvwnsd and @GBoi could you please PM me with a few details? What was the question he asked? What was the rate quoted? Or you could perhaps just answer here. I think @Sandlapp would like to know, too. This guy is smokin'!!
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  9. AshburyGuy

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    He was supposed to be in Ptown this past summer at the same time I was there. We exchanged a few texts and he sent me a face pic. Thought his body was hotter than the face. If I remember correctly, he quoted $350/hr. He ended up not coming to Ptown.
  10. NickGuy

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    So how was Zayne? Im suppose to meet him but he keeps rescheduling. He sent me a facepic and i thought he was hot as hell. I wanna meet him still. Is he worth it?
  11. evlgmuscle

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    This guy is in NYC - anyone tried him?
  12. ZayneRivers

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    Hey Guys!

    Zayne here

    Just came across this thread in a random Google search and thought I'd reach out

    Not sure why I don't have reviews on this site, but I have some on RentMen. I don't like to ask guys to do it, but always happy with the feedback!

    I like to think of myself as a nice guy who just happens to be a bit pervy behind the scenes. This world is fun and exciting to me and I like to make the guys I meet feel the same way. My charge is more than most and I'm ok with that - lots of variety out there and I know the worth of my service

    Apologies to those I wasn't able to get back to or changed my schedule around on - my work can change at the last minute and sometimes I get caught up in it.

    Don't know if it's normal for us men to be on here, but only one way to find out!

    Happy Holidays,
    Zayne Rivers
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  13. mike carey

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    A belated Happy Christmas and happy rest-of-the-holidays, and welcome to the forum, Zayne. It's quite normal for men like you to be here, and there are quite a number who are frequent contributors to many of the threads. It's a way for people to get to know you better (often a good thing!). A good humoured response to anything about you or your ad will go a long way towards making the other posters here well disposed to you.
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  14. ZayneRivers

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    And here I was thinking I was a rule breaker!

    I find conversation and connection to be more stimulating than anything else, which is why I so often create a dialogue with those who reach out to me. I can be your sex slave/robot/clone, but a human connection seems to work much better from my experience.

    Always happy to answer any questions!
  15. beachboy

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    Welcome to the forum Zayne.
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  16. azdr0710

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    welcome from me, also.....don't take this place too seriously and we hope you'll check in periodically and offer helpful comments.....

    if interested, you may want to add your RM ad to a permanent signature in your posts.....go to "signature" under your username at upper right
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  17. ZayneRivers

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    I take everything with a grain of salt in life
    This forum is fascinating to me, since I never knew it existed, but I'm aware that I won't float everyone's boat

    Thought about posting my usual signature (link, phone number, Wishlist) but it doesn't feel as organic or natural as I'd like it to
    I'd rather have this feel like a place where people can inquire and discuss without the notion of me selling them a service
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  18. azdr0710

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    certainly know what you mean........you can just be one of the gang.......yes, there are a few "working guys" here who don't add a signature - on purpose

    this forum is the best of its kind....very busy and helpful to many.....
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  19. TruthBTold

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    Hi Zayne. The Forum has its own weight and over time you will get a feeling about what you want to take seriously and how much. Actually I have found it valuable to read and see what people get made about, how often and how much. Then you can decide how to adapt that to your service if you want to. People give some really good advice and are not shy in sharing it. As others have expressed, people can risk disregarding it to a certain extent. At the same time, everyone here finds it valuable to hear how things operate from your side of the river.
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  20. mike carey

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    Good approach, Zayne, the regulars will know who you are without your role adding to or detracting from the way you are perceived more widely. With the link to your ad in your profile as it is, those who want to find out more can do so if they wish. If anyone commenting in here is or was an escort and they think it's an important part of the context of a particular post they are making they can say so in the post. Otherwise, as you said, it can be useful not to state or imply that particular detail.

    (As you'll see, others use their posts here as an integral part of their advertising, with an ad link, contact details, travel schedule and more in their signatures. Others use the site to explain or even defend their business models, sometimes to sceptics in the audience. Bottom line there is no single 'right' way to participate in the forum!)

    Happy posting!
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