511 on EricHOT in NYC

Discussion in 'The Deli' started by dutchal, Mar 12, 2018.

  1. dutchal

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  2. wklucas

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    When his ad copy says twice that one can request face pics, does that mean that all of the face pics shown in his ad are fakes ???
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  3. countryboyitalia

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    Would definitely be interested in hearing if anyone spent time with this guy.
  4. Rangar

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    Haven't met him but did some research. 1st pic Google RIS links to Instagram, Karim Konrad, which links to his Professional Photographer website. IG says German Persian but traveling to NYC. That's all I got. Could be real.
  5. dutchal

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    Actually, that pic is by that photographer, but of an Israeli model. Finding his instagram page shows that he's almost certainly not in NYC: ergo, fake profile.
  6. Rangar

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    You dug deeper than me. One thing I don't understand is how you concluded he's not in NYC. I don't disagree, Just curious
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  7. dutchal

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    Generally when somebody travels to NYC for a visit, the most recent pics show NYC scenes.
  8. MileHigh

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    It doesn't seem real... wish it was... if anyone has any info please let us know