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Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by MikeThomas, Feb 9, 2018.

  1. MikeThomas

    MikeThomas Knight

    Anybody else enjoying the occasional shot of Joel Kinnaman’s abs and ass as much as I am? Hopefully there were will be some full frontals!
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  2. LoveNDino

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    We’re not blind, you know...
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  3. Drained Empty

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    Lots of nudity!

    James Purefoy is full frontal in episode 2 and huge.

    Just saw Joel the other day and he is very skinny now, almost gaunt. I hope it's for a role.
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  4. EastbayMike

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    Mr. Purefoy also let it all hang out in Rome.
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  5. MikeyGMin

    MikeyGMin Count

    I've always thought that James Purefoy was one of the sexiest actors out there. Ever since his small role in "A Knights Tale." The scene where he proclaims Heath Ledger a true Lord of the Realm and says, "My word is in-con-test-able!" Swoon. I've tried to watch everything he's been in. He was a sexy beast in "Rome." :eek:
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  6. LoveNDino

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    At the risk of hijacking this thread (apologies to @MikeThomas), if you like James Purefoy, you should watch him in Bedrooms and Hallways where he has hot scenes with Kevin McKidd
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  7. MikeThomas

    MikeThomas Knight

    Thanks for hijacking! I've never seen this clip before. Need to watch the full movie. Love Kevin McKidd and Tom Haollander.
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  8. azdr0710

    azdr0710 "Old Timer"

    James Purefoy in "Rome"....purely for historical purposes so HBO could show how wealthy Romans washed themselves, I'm sure.....certainly couldn't be gratuitous nudity.....could it??!!

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  9. I'm guessing since there have been no full frontals so far of Joel Kinnaman (and plenty of opportunities to do so), he's probably not going to do one. Hope I'm wrong.
  10. azdr0710

    azdr0710 "Old Timer"

    googling around, I find this.....except for abs, is this the extent of Joel's nudity in the series so far?.....

  11. Okliehomo

    Okliehomo Viscount

    Nope. He takes a lot of showers plus has a sex scene with Purefoy's wife. He really has a great ass and is surprisingly ripped. Never would have guess that from The Killing.
  12. Racketjock

    Racketjock Baron

    He stands up from the captures scene below and shows off quite a bit of his very fine assets. He has gotten buff.
  13. Nvr2Thick

    Nvr2Thick Count

    Altered Carbon has been a difficult show for me to binge watch. I enjoy the show, but I can't sit through two shows in a row. It's like trying to eat a second big slice of cheese cake.

    After scenes cropping Joel Kinnaman low at the waist, teasing us with full rear shots, and coyly blocking frontals with strategically placed objects the scene with Purefoy boldly striding in nude was quite an unexpected surprise.

    The show is an interesting mix of genres and tropes -- True Crime's noir detective story, Battlestar Galactica incessantly flawed characters, Blade Runner's gritty futuristic society, Daredevil's unapologetically unrestrained graphic violence...
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  14. I was going to come here and talk about the show itself (by drawing on experience as an avid reader of sci-fi), but I guess not haha. Joel Kinnaman kinda' looks like a youthful Lance Henriksen.
  15. Drained Empty

    Drained Empty Journeyman

    As I said, I chatted with him at the premiere two weeks ago and he is very, very thin right now. Almost unrecognizable.
  16. Ajac

    Ajac Knight

    I guess when you are an actor being paid and staring in a leading roll you hit the gym hard. I too was impressed by his body and wish I had the motivation it takes. I liked Hugh Jackman's response to a fan who asked, "I want to have the Wolverine body how do I look like that?" He said, "Don't, it sucks. You have to workout constantly and only eat broccoli and chicken." After Logan he is ready to go to pot. I doubt he would ever go to pot, but it was a nice reminder that Men also suffer from the unattainable beauty syndrome. We all want to look like a Calvin Klein model but few of us have the time to devote for the end results.
  17. I read that the sheriff in "Stranger Things", David Harbour, was about to do the gym bit when he heard he got the role, then he considered the character, and thought "This guy is not going to be buff".
  18. Ajac

    Ajac Knight

    I notice that all the male frontal nudity in this show is impressive I guess in the future they have perfected penis enlargement. LOL
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  19. Rudynate

    Rudynate Earl

    He got jacked between seasons during The Killing. One season, he was skinny and geeky and the next season, he came back with muscles
  20. ArVaGuy

    ArVaGuy Earl

    First, I have to thank the OP for starting this thread. I’d never heard of this series and just binge watched it in two days. Wow !

    Second, you would not know to look at him but Joe Kinnaman was born with a physical deformity, Pectus Excavatum, a sunken chest. He had surgery to correct the appearance when he got this role.

    Here are details from IMDB.

    Joel Kinnaman revealed that all his life he had suffered from a congenital deformity known as Pectus Excavatum which produces a sunken or caved in appearance of the chest and consequently he had always felt very embarrassed to take his shirt off for films or TV. Just before he got the lead role in this show, Kinnaman went through a surgery to repair his chest to lift it outwards to have proper normal shape. Combining that with his physical transformation for the role to achieve his best ever physical shape, he said he was incredibly proud to show off his new body in the show in numerous lengthy shirtless scenes. He said he was shirtless "all the time" and appears shirtless or partially nude in almost every single episode. He said, after getting in great shape, he had no objections to taking off his clothes an many times as the show-makers wanted.