Amtrak NYC to Monteal

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    Air Canada has at least 8 direct flight a day from Logan to Montreal (1hr 12 minutes). The Direct Air Canada Fare from Boston-Montreal is ridiculously high ($800-1500 RT). Air Canada is the only Airline in Boston that offers direct flight to Montreal. You better off going to EWR/LGA/JFK for flights to Montreal. I have seen base fares as low as $150.00 RT to Montreal w/Toronto Connection in EWR/LGA/JFK.
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    Everyone needs to remember that rail travel in the United States is NOTHING like rail travel in Europe. You spend much of the time looking at graffiti, the back ends of warehouses and rubbish. The trains are uncomfortable and abysmal in terms of service. You can't even get a decent cup of coffee or a pastry to pass the time. The "snack bar" is probably a step below going to 7 eleven .
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    Good to know, I track flights with Hopper and the only ones I ever see listed are layovers to Toronto. That being said 800-1500 for an hour flight is excessive. My flights to Amsterdam don't even run that high.. Thank you for the info though!
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    Air Canada owns the Boston-Montreal Market! You may want to try Porter Airline out of Boston to Montreal w/Toronto connection. Fares are reasonable (RT $250 and up sometimes).
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    Amtrak is a DUMP.

    I LOVE trains....and I HATE Amtrak.

    I use it occasionally in the northeast corridor.
    Unfortunate it's the easiest way to go to BOS-DC-PHL from NYC.
    Even more so since 9-11. God how that one day fucked up travel!

    I refuse to ride it anywhere else's dirty and gross.
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    I find it just INSULTING and deeply OFFENSIVE that they can't even manage to run a decent snack bar when you're trapped on the train for a dozen hours. How complicated is it to make a decent cup of coffee....hire someone to serve it who isn't three brain cells short of a chimpanzee and serve me a pastry that wasn't made a WEEK ago and wrapped in cellophane ? ( not to mention practically inedible.)
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    Food and beverages on trains in Italy are also terrible. Worse than that on American trains in my experience. That surprised me. Still, at least they are faster.
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    Wow, tough crowd.
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    I think you'd find the journey very long, NYC - Montreal. If you want to take a train journey through the Hudson Valley though (worth doing), consider a day trip on Amtrak or Metro North, the commuter train. You could go to Westchester, Beacon, or even Poughkeepsie for the day.
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    I took a road trip BOS-ALB-Montreal-BOS this last summer.Overnights in Albany; Burlington, Vermont; two nights in Montreal; and Montreal to Boston, nonstop.

    It was great fun, albeit long. The border crossings in Vermont were five minutes each (WAY off the beaten path). We had taken the Interstate from Albany to Lake Champlain for the ferry crossing, and then state roads in Vermont to Canadia then Montreal.

    We did do the last bit almost non-stop. Left Montreal at about 11 am, and stopped for dinner outside of Boston at a nice Irish pub-like place. I drove into Boston, as my tripmate is not a native New Englander, and when a rotary with seven streets showed up on the GPS, he said "I've never seen anything like that before!" We got to the Hotel about ten.

    It's a long schlep, but the Adirondacks on the way up, and the Green Mountains on the way down, were fabulous.
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    I spent a nice day at Lake George recently. Spectacular color with the changing of the leaves. Upstate New York is worth going out of your way for.
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    Million Dollar Beach @ Lake George can be nice. It's a very touristy area but the views are phenomenal - I loved jet skiing on Lake George too.
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  13. Charlie

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    You have obviously never taken the Coast Starlight Amtrak train from San Francisco to Los Angeles.
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    The train trip a little further south from LA to San Diego is also quite scenic. You do see a lot of the industrial hinterlands of LA and the tract housing of Orange County. But there are many beautiful coastal views.
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    I did Amtrak from San Diego to LA a couple months ago. Best way to travel to LA. And, yes the coastal view are beautiful. But, Orange County is a yawner.
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    Yes, the OC reminds me of the Weeds theme song, Little Boxes.
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    The Empire Builder from Chicago to Seattle is a beautiful trip. Especially the going through Glacier National Park, and over the Cascades. Get a Deluxe Bedroom, and you will be very comfortable.
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    I took the overnight bus on two trips to/from Montreal from NYC and like it very much. I arrived around 6 a.m. and had some sleep on the bus.
    It was a quiet ride the entire way. Retrieving luggage to take into customs was a little bit of a pain but one just gets over it.
  19. samandtham

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    It's not a bad option really. The downside is that you don't get to sleep the entire ride, plus as you mentioned, making your sleep-deprived self go through customs at border check.
  20. Hornplatz

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    Not being able to sleep the entire ride is not a problem with me as I am a very poor sleeper. It's not unusual for me to get up in the morning after
    accumulating as little as 3 hrs sleep over a 7 or 8 hour period and I don't feel tired. I was wired up ready for the day and occasionally a fellow worker
    would get irritated because I was in "high gear" at the start of the day. I don't get groggy and fall into sleep, it happens instantly. The same for getting
    awake - it's instantaneous.