Any advice on biggest dick in london?

Discussion in 'European Escorts' started by Chubbyrugby, Mar 25, 2018.

  1. Chubbyrugby

    Chubbyrugby Newbie

    hey guys I’m pretty new to the escort scene and I’m looking to meet a guy with a huge dick in or around London, any recommendations?
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  2. Axiom2001

    Axiom2001 Regent

    Go to London at and you should see who's "hangin' huge!" A black Brit and another guy (white) and sleazy per the words in his ad should be advertising. Both have been mentioned in threads previously. ...sorry that I can't recall specific names.

    You can also do a search in the archives here: type in "huge dick in London."
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  3. 12is12

    12is12 Knight

    and when you find, please share
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  4. MscleLovr

    MscleLovr Viscount

    The 2 biggest, thickest dicks I ever saw in London were on an Australian power-bottom and an Australian deep-throater/cum-swallower respectively. Sadly, both now reside in Sydney.
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  5. joethomas

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    Alexander one of then masseurs at The Portsea Sauna has a beautiful big piece of meat - good thick skinned too
  6. Nvr2thick4me

    Nvr2thick4me Master

    Can you please share their names?
  7. MscleLovr

    MscleLovr Viscount

    The cum-swallower has the working name Aaron, and I believe there are reviews of his working time in London on the associated site. The Aussie bottom has a new career and only sees a few clients of longstanding.