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Discussion in 'The Deli' started by Unicorn, May 2, 2016.

  1. Monteverdi

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    OK Unicorn, re-read my post below. Go ahead and check out my review of Andrew Maroc dated 9/5/2014:

    "I checked and found that my review of Andrew Maroc was posted on 9/5/2014 and was his 11th. I know that I wrote a review of Peter Hung as well. But he's had SO many, that I couldn't find it. Both were posted under Monteverdi, though I had to re-register the other day in order to comment on Aaron Amour. So I'm listed as a Newbie, but believe me, I've been around the block a few times. Just want to reiterate that Aaron Amour is a great guy and terrific escort. Any claim that he's writing his own reviews is completely bogus. I recommend him most highly."
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  2. MikeyGMin

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    @Aaron Amour make your way to Austin next time you are in Texas and we will settle this once and for all. I'd be very happy to make an appointment and report back. I may not have enough history to satisfy Unicorn, but I'm far from a newbie. :p:p:p
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  3. Unicorn

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    Please don't be silly. Anything would be better than the only endorsements he's gotten so far: those being from people who are sparkling brand-new, coming out of nowhere, and never having commented on anything or anyone every before (or, usually, since). Of course, maybe he's so brilliant that he keeps moving people to endorse when they've never commented on endorsed anything ever before. But not if my private messages are any indication. It would certainly be nice to hear from some trustworthy source if they're going to say otherwise.
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  4. pierrot

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    Aaron you are certainly a beautiful man and I hope we'll soon read more good reviews from some non-first timers, although I don't think the mere fact that a reviewer is a first-timer is a guarantee that they aren't real clients. There seems to be a lot of unexplained animus on display in this thread. Swing by NYC some time Aaron.
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  5. Unicorn

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    There is no animus. I have never met the man, and yes, he is very handsome. Of course the fact that a reviewer is a first time reviewer doesn't mean much. But when a poor review is drowned out by a battalion of first-time reviewers who've never seen fit to contribute to this site before, only a complete bozo wouldn't be suspicious. Then this is followed, of course, by another battalion of newbie posters/defenders, who, for some strange reason, have never seen fit to contribute to this forum for any other reason. And when he's criticized for that, another newbie chimes in. Anyone who thinks those reviews and newbie posts are for real is thinking with his testicles instead of his brains...
  6. Aaron Amour

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    Thanks @pierrot and yes I couldn't agree more! Should he back on NYC sometime in the fall, keep a look out on my website for all my travel dates.

    Kind regards, Aaron Amour
  7. Aaron Amour

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    Lol sounds good @MikeyGMin
  8. Sorry, I was just told that there was a forum where my name was mentioned. I do not think that I have ever received any reviews from "Monteverdi". Can you please let me know when/where/how we met? I have a pretty good recollection and would be happy to vouch for you but this does not sound familiar to me. Thank you!
  9. Irtwo

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    I saw a review by "Mt808" - maybe that was his.
  10. saminseattle

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    I have met Aaron, and while I don’t want to go into details, I will say that I certainly enjoyed our time together. Of course, I cannot guarantee that others will have the same experience since I can only speak for myself. But in any event, I would hope that after almost 200 messages on a range of topics over the last six months, people would not question the genuineness of my identity.
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  11. Unicorn

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    No, yours is the one poster who is obviously for real. And I for one certainly appreciate that there's one real person who can vouch for the man. The man may be somewhat of a charlatan, but I'm glad that he has the ability to deliver, having heard it from you.
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  12. Aaron Amour

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    Thanks @saminseattle Glad you had a good time, look forward to seeing you on my next trip to Seattle xoxo
  13. Keith30309

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    Good info Sam - thanks!

    Heyya Mikey.... any update?

    I'm in Houston soon.
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  14. BarbieGurl

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    Houston is waiting for US Katy:cool:
  15. saminseattle

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    I also note that another positive review was posted about Aaron on Monday of this week by someone who has submitted multiple reviews previously. So surely at this point we can put to rest the suspicion some have voiced that all his positive reviews are fakes or not credible for one reason or another.
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  16. MikeyGMin

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    I still have not had the pleasure of meeting him, but I still think he's gorgeous and would like the opportunity. ;)
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  17. Yeswell

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    I've posted several reviews (although not for a few years now). I met Aaron some time ago in Vancouver, where we both live. He's a handsome man with a wonderful body and cock and he knows what to do. I recommend him.
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  18. DERRIK

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    I love it when I have to look up words

  19. sexymonk

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    no info!
  20. nyblkguy

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    He's definitely not a fake or somehow a fraud. I've meet up with him quite recently and he looks better than his pics. And he really delivers.
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