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  1. After re-reading that last thread and this one, it sure seems to me there is a coordinated effort to impair this escort. I don't like it and I wish it would stop. Just my 2 cents.

    Have a great day.
  2. Exactly!

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  3. Oaktown

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    That may be the case here, but there is another instance of a escort self-pimping himself on the M-F.
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  4. nyblkguy

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    Agreed. Which is a shame because he's actually really nice, accommodating and very sexy. Certainly a top 5 hire for me actually. I would hire him again in a second.
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  5. MikeyGMin

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    I hope not. @Unicorn is no fool. The boy aroused his suspicions and there probably waw some self promoting shenanigans with the reviews and postings, however, @saminseattle has a track record. I'm still more than willing to take one for the team and report back. Just waiting for fate to put us both in the same city at the same time. :)
  6. Unicorn

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    You really think a bunch of forum users are coordinating to impair an escort? Why would we even bother to do so individually, let alone coordinate? It's pretty obvious in my mind that a majority of first-time reviews are bogus, and this is especially true when an escort has a dozen of them, with no positive reviews from established reviewers. Speaking for myself, I'm loathe to hire someone who has lots of great reviews by first-time reviewers and only negative reviews by established reviewers. That being said, just because someone is a liar doesn't mean he can't be a good escort. The positive review from Long John and the comment earlier on by Sam in Seattle seem to be two solid pieces of evidence that this escort can do a good job. Earlier positive comments supporting Aaron made by newbies to this forum are further evidence of charlatanism. My personal opinion as of this time is that the man isn't the most honest dude around, but can probably deliver the goods. I've hired a bunch of escorts with whom I've had a great time who weren't honest. Many have lied about their age, written fake reviews, and I've had a couple steal from me. I won't hire again those who've stolen from me, of course, but don't mind hiring liars or cheats (even some with criminal backgrounds).
  7. Did he give you head with you wearing a condom?

    That was one of the complaints by @SilverDollar

    Coincidence takes a lot of planning but I see your point.
  8. nyblkguy

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    To answer...

    No, that didn't happen with me (nor any upfront payment shenanigans either).

    He was nice, hot and very very good. If you missed his LA visit... you missed out.

    Also, I don't know why people accuse him of lying or attacking his charater or whatever. His response on this board about this situation seems very genuine.

    Sounds like a bad session with a client. Not a systemic issue about his services. So let's move on from the character assassination of the guy. There is always 3 sides to every story.
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  9. [​IMG]

    thanks for answering my direct question, you should quote other folks on here I'm no "upfront shenanigan"
  10. MikeyGMin

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    I just spent a couple very enjoyable hours with Aaron. A review is forthcoming, but I have no hesitation recommending him.
  11. Aaron Amour

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    @pierrot will be in NYC this coming Wednesday Nov 15th - 21st if you would like to set up a session :)
  12. Aaron Amour

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    Thanks @Yeswell:)
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  13. Aaron Amour

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    Was nice to meet you @MikeyGMin thanks for the review and message post :) xoxo
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  14. Keith30309

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    I just had the opportunity to spend a couple of hours with Aaron - very enjoyable and I would repeat. Review in progress.
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  15. Aaron Amour

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    Thanks @Keith30309 was lovely to meet you xo
  16. Lee_jeff

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    What happened to Aaron? It seems that all his pages on rentmen and his website are gone...
  17. BabyBoomer

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    His avatar pic is gone too.

    ~Boomer ~
  18. Keith30309

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    Oh well, so much for that (recommended) review in mid flight.
  19. saminseattle

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    Sometimes people take down their ads for a period of time while they are working on other projects and then put them back up when they are done, or are going on another tour, etc. Of course, sometimes they decide they’ve had a good run and it’s time to make a clean break and move on to other life endeavors. My impression was that Aaron had another project he was going to start in January, but I have no idea if this was to result in a temporary or permanent change of status. If he reappears at some point, I will try to see him again. If he has decided to permanently retire, I wish him the best and will remember the time we spent together fondly.
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