Any info on Aaron Armour

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    Hi Aaron, I really don't care about the negative reviews somone posted. Let me know when u r back in Vancouver

    I found him to be a sensible guy at least over the email, didn't meet last time because of my scheduling conflict.

    But, I hope to connect soon. Cheers!!
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    Thanks for informing me
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  5. I've always wondered whatever happened to this accusation
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  7. I didn't follow this thread.


    One more thing I didn't bring this thread back up... I simply asked a question... if you think that question should not be answered just ignore it and let the question and the thread die.
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    Having followed multiple threads concerning Aaron, I consider the accusation you reference to be convincingly answered, and I wish that you would stop resurrecting it (the accusation, not the thread). One credible forum member had a somewhat negative experience, which he described in a review. In response, several people chimed in here to say they’d have great experiences, but because they were newbies or novices here, some people assumed that these testimonials were not genuine and that it was actually Aaron writing them under the guise of someone else’s name. There were also questions raised about whether the positive reviews about him were fake because many were from one-time reviewers. Under these circumstances, I think it was fair to be suspicious, but to jump to the conclusion that Aaron was faking all these statements was a step too far. How could anyone know that for sure, unless perhaps it was @Guy Fawkes, based on analysis of IP addresses etc? And sure enough, if you look at subsequent posts by me #30, #35; @Yeswell's post #37, @MikeyGMin's post #51, and @Keith30309's post #55 in this thread, you will see that a number of credible forum members (as a “Knight,” I hope I can count myself in this group now) later backed up the claims of the newbies/novices/first-time reviewers. So, at this point, I think it is safe to say that the accusation that all the positive reviews and comments were contrived by Aaron and were fake was premature and almost certainly let's stop repeating it! Bottom line: don’t make assumptions.

    Oh, and Aaron, if you’re reading this, I hope you come back to Seattle on a future trip…would love to see you again!
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  9. I look forward to reading your review of your great time with Aaron.

    I still respect the opinions of @Unicorn and @SilverDollar on this subject and others
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    One thing's for certain...I definitely want a go with Aaron. I think he's dreamy.
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    I met with him once in San Francisco a few years back. He was every bit as hot and sexy as his pictures suggest. I do recall him being mostly passive which disappointed me. Perhaps an off day or he was not into me. He was friendly and I would be willing to give it one more try at some point in the future.
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    I'm new to this thread and have no personal experience but I agree. Seems like a couple members here had an axe to grind and nothing else but accusations based on nothing.
  13. Whatever happened to him?

    He doesn't come to DC, I dont' see him on Grindr.