Any luck with hotel staff?

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    It's you're young and attractive. When I was younger and traveling I got flirted with by staff much more, I was just too chickenshit to do stuff about it until the end of that particular era...
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    Interesting think just happened. Caveat: I am admittedly not young nor a looker. However, I just checked into a hotel here in the middle of nowhere Ohio. Guy who checked me in was very nice and welcoming. He wrote his name on the envelope with my room card and told me to call him directly if I had any issues with my room or during my stay. I called the front desk to inquire about where the ice machine was located. He volunteered to bring me some to my room. I had just changed into my PJ's and had taken a much needed and raging piss when he knocks at the door. I go to answer, and have a noticeable wet stain that garners his attention. He brought in the ice and a couple bottles of water. I thanked him and turned to pull a couple bucks from my wallet for a tip. When I turn back around, he drops to his knees, pulls out my cock, and nose dives all the way to my pubes. He had serious skills and I didn't last long. After taking my load in short order, he stands, says have a good evening, and walks out the door. Great end to the day!
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    "Dear Penthouse Forum......I never thought anything like this would happen to me, but.........."

    no personal stories, but, back in college days, I was a bellman at a very nice small resort near the university and we worked with a tall-dark-handsome (t-d-h) evening, an attractive woman checked in and t-d-h guy jumped on the chance to walk her to her room......didn't hear much about it the rest of the day, but I arrived early the next morning to stories from the gossipy night front desk guy about t-d-h spending the night with the woman.....while walking around the grounds that morning, I caught him trying to slink out a back gate....he feigned ignorance, but I told him I already knew and he begged me not to tell anybody.....but word was already out (the night guy and night security) and, by midday, all employees knew about t-d-h and his adventure....he was fired the next day, but became a gigolo of sorts for a while, visiting the attractive woman at her place a few states away a couple times......
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    Many years ago, I did a brief stint as a room service waiter at the Brown Palace in Denver. When I first got the job, I was hoping I would see a little action. Just once, the entire time I worked there, an opportunity presented itself. I served a meal to a guy who was getting ready for a dressy event- he was getting into a tuxedo. He asked me for help with his cummerbund, which I gave. While i was helping him, he mentioned what time he would be back, in case I wanted to drop back by. I didn't find him interesting so it never went any farther.
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    When you have elite status they charge the same.
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    I’m guessing most likely feta.

  7. Yep, and at almost all 'Club Levels' the lounge is packed, loud and not relaxing in the least.

    Just got back from a week in Rio and skipped the lounge at the hotel I was at altogether. A glass of free wine is not worth having to put up with loud children and people who are putting their feet on the furniture.
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    I lust stay at nicer hotels than you .
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    I’m betting it’s more that you’re very attractive, probably nicely hung, and young.

  10. Talking about missed opportunities... if you could turn back time!
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  11. Smart!
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    I worked at a clothing optional property in the late 80s and we were strictly forbidden from any hanky panky w/guests. I suppose that most hotels are much larger and it's impossible to keep all the staff members in line.

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    Or did you mean the stiff members of the staff members?:p

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  14. Two Incidents - One in the Locker Room off the Pool and Hot Tub area of a very high end Sheraton with a very horny college aged lifeguard -- I was the only guest who had signed into the pool area all day on a Tuesday

    --- I checked him out as I came in and swam --
    he moved to the edge of the pool feet in the water legs spread wide I swam between his legs for a sniff and better view of the growing appendage --- we chatted and he followed me to the locker room putting the pool closed sign on the glass doors --- I gave him my cellphone number and a return performance followed later that night in my room . . .

    Second started at a Hyatt -- Very Hot Bartender - Very friendly - I asked him where I could meet some nice men who were as handsome as he was -- Fearing for his job we agreed to meet after his shift at an Adult Cinema about 10 minutes from the hotel. A good time was had by many . . .
  15. Well, clearly
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    This must have been a really swanky hotel. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a lifeguard at a hotel pool except maybe at beach resort type.

  17. It depends on the locale requirements for lifeguards or swim at your own risk vary greatly - regulated by local ordinances/health depts
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    Just saw this was revived. Since I posted here I saw the friend who works at the Sheraton who I referenced earlier in the thread. He wanted to send a bottle of wine to my room, but since I would not be able to drink it and did not want to pack it in my luggage. I told him to order what ever he wanted and I would slip it to him. He noted that there we so many hidden cameras in the hotel that we had better do the transaction off property after his shift was over. So I arranged to meet him a block away from the hotel and we took care of business.

    If he was worried about getting in trouble over a silly bottle of wine, I can only imagine what would happen he was caught in a transgression with a hotel guest. Plus, I can also only imagine how many cameras are installed on the property. Now this is a very large hotel and one would think that as @SuperJunior implies it would be impossible to monitor everything, but apparently that is not a problem given today's technology.
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    Valantine's Day, my partner and I used some points to stay at the W Hotel here. The staff were all stunning. I could imagine putting a move on almost any of the male employees we encountered
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    This is a true story.

    I really get turned on by the thought of an encounter at a public restroom. But I'm not super hung and usually do a quick piss and zip.

    So I was recently at this corporate retreat with many other executives (I'm the youngest at my company). It was one of those secluded resorts in the middle of a forest.

    We had been there for a few days already and always ended the night at the resort bar. On the final night, I was a little buzzed from dinner. I went to the bar but didn't really feel like drinking. I did need to take a piss though so I went to the nearby restroom.

    I ended up at the urinal next to one of the cute Latino staffers (I could tell he worked there because he had a uniform on). We both were there longer than a normal piss would be. And we gave each other glances.

    His coworker came in and they started chatting so I zipped up. I couldn't shake the feeling so I sat outside on the coach. The coworker exited but the guy hadn't. I waited another minute or two and the guy still hadn't come out yet.

    So I went back in to see where he was. Unfortunately he was at the mirror checking out his teeth. So I was bummed out but went into the stall because I didn't want to look like a creep.

    Then I realized he moved back to urinals. I peeked out of the stall and he was stroking his dick. I motioned him over and we started stroking.

    My building was just one over so I told him to meet me at my room. I took the outside path and he took the hallway. I sucked his 7" cock to completion in my room. He was young -- maybe 21 or 22 -- and had braces (which why he was checking out his teeth). We decided it was best that he not suck me off lol. I wish it wasn't the last night.
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