ARIZONA - Cruzin' Central?!?!?

Discussion in 'Street Scenes' started by showmeohio, Sep 6, 2001.

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    Talk to me about Arizona's scene.. I will be in
    Phoenix and Tuscon soon and need to find me a
    hustler. Has anyone had good or bad expereinces at
    "Crusing Central" -- a bar where the boys hang. Anyone
    to definatley avoid??? THANKS!!!!!
  2. VanBCGuy

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    I lived in Tucson for about three years. In three years I think I saw one street hustler, and when I was there about three years ago, the escort scene was nil.

    I think everyone just went to Phoenix. I was in Crusin' Central only once. The interior is grim, but its a safe enough place as long as you keep your wits. I know the area around there had some street action, but most looked risky. I never indulged.
  3. Big Daddy

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    There is a fairly active street scene, that spills out from Crusing Central. On any given night, you may find up to a dozen hustlers walking the blocks immediately surrounding Crusing Central and Library Park. They are white, hispanic and black, and all on crack. The popultion however depends on how active the police are. The going rate is between $20 and $40 for sucking and $40 to $60 for fucking. Most of the hustlers float in and out of CC's. Just excercise normal caution.
  4. Big14U

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    The last poster was right, most are on drugs there, but there is the occasional down on his luck preppy boy that is looking for some cash.
    I've had some really hot men there too. Best was a guy just out of jail and he was looking to make some cash to get back to LA. About 5'8 with muscles and tatoos and very intelligent. Took him home and had an all night session with him - a tight ass for being in prison. He asked me to buy the bus ticket to LA that's all he wanted. He just wanted to get home.
    CC's has a strip show every Saturday at 3:30 with some real hot men. They are great. Something about a seedy bar with hot men stipping that is sexy.
    Best advice is to pick the guy up in the bar if possible. Don't go outside - if they are on the outside they usually have been banned from the bar.
    Also if you don't like very ugly drag queens stay away. This place has the ugliest ones I've ever seen.
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    Man I met a ex-con hustler by Hance park. real tall lean shaggy haired guy. everything I wanted beat up levis pants, jacket, work boots. for 10 dollars he got rid of his levis and hung out in jockeys with me a real turn on for me. We get together almost weekly, and have become friends of sorts.
  6. wow! be careful but keep us posted!
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    You may want to try Charlie's Bar in Phoenix, it is very cruisy. I got lucky there a few times,.
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    wow, one-post wonder Levis Man revived a 15 year old thread about my podunk burg....and was never heard from again.....

    Cruzin Central must be long gone and I never had heard of only brings up generic articles about car shows, actually cruising Central Ave (in a car), and some gay bar over on 7th St called Cruisin 7th.....
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