Armani in NYC

Discussion in 'The Spa' started by thenewdigs, Jan 8, 2017.

  1. thenewdigs

    thenewdigs Newbie

    Did he retire? His profile has expired. He hasn't been his RentMasseur profile since Dec 8.

    I always had wanted to get a massage from him but haven't yet.
  2. niceandthick

    niceandthick Knight

    He is offline for a bit. Will be back. Sent you a PM.
  3. Jose Anmo

    Jose Anmo Master

    How's his massage techniques? Is he gay ? I read somewhere he's straight.
  4. niceandthick

    niceandthick Knight

    Massage was quite good. I thought he was just riding on his good looks, but I was pleasantly surprised.

    BTW - He is back online and headed back to DC this weekend.
  5. sync

    sync Count

    My understanding is that he is straight and brother to the very popular Gio. I recall reading several positive reviews of Armani in the past.
  6. sniper

    sniper Baron

    28??? didn't they both dance at the Gaiety??
  7. BaronArtz

    BaronArtz Count

    They are too young to ever have performed at the Gaiety ...

    I do endorse Armani. Nice guy, great experience. I must have hired him 10+ times so far. He does at times have sports-related injuries which force him to take time off.
  8. dutchal

    dutchal Viscount

    Tried him, was very disappointed. Pics are way out of date, he's lost much muscle in upper body and his stomach has lost its flatness. Massage was OK, but was finished off at about 40 minutes. Will not repeat, do not recommend.
  9. niceandthick

    niceandthick Knight

    I saw him again recently. It was very different than my previous session. Something seemed a bit off. Massage was nil. He was quick to flip and finish. I looked at my watch as I was in the elevator heading out and it was 43mins after the the hour. I was shorted time on the first session, but it was minimal and I got a great massage. After this one, I will not repeat.
  10. hornytwells

    hornytwells Count

    Have used him every month for about 6 years and never had a bad experience, but I would say that he has had a major shoulder injury lately which is really affecting his upper arm strength and has been told to take it easy by doctors, so he may well be not quite up to the hour long powerful massages he used to do......... nor will he be in optimal shape, so if a flat stomach and washboard abs while getting a massage is a major priority, then perhaps he is not for you
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  11. jasonb

    jasonb Novice

    Had a massage with Armani this afternoon, and while he is a sexy guy it was just kinda meh. Don't think I'll be repeating.
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  12. hornytwells

    hornytwells Count

    Curious as to why you found that, wondering if he is still suffering from shoulder injury, as I always have a VERY hot and fun time with him plus a great massage. I know you can't review here, but feel free to pvt me if you like?