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    Bliss- 2284 Cheshire Bridge Road, Atlanta, GA 30324 ( Cheshire Bridge at Lindbergh/LaVista )
    phone- 404-320-1904 web-
    hours Tues-Sat 7pm-3am
    cover- none on Tuesday, $5 Wed-Thurs, $10 Fri-Sat, no cover before 9pm
    check website for cover chg specials, free parking
    strip club with lap dances and VIP rooms

    Of course, every trip I make through Atlanta seems to include a night at Swinging Richard's, but last year I decided to check out a new competitor, Bliss, located in the Cheshire Bridge district. I was surprised to find a really classy club, a little more focused on acrobatic dancing of younger twink-type dancers. By far the cleanest and highly stylized gay strip club I've been in, lots of brass and marble. It kind of looks like an upscale straight strip club changed teams! Since I travel during the week, I've only been Tues-Wed-Thurs, but have not been disappointed on any visit. Because the club is in the back of a minimall facing Cheshire Bridge, it may be a little hard to find the first visit, but not too much so. Nice big parking lot just outside the door. Drinks prices about average. The dancers are generally more twink than you see at SR, and are encouraged to learn to work the pole more than any other strip club I've visited. Lots of high-climbing and spinning on the top of the pole, very artistic. The guys work a three-song set, starting clothed and working down to bare by the third song of their set. Tips go in armbands, some of the guys have gone to legbands instead. My opinion of the guys may be a little biased, since they have my absolute favorite dancer there, Jack Gunther. See to see what I mean. Generally the guys are more twink, very friendly and will work the room after their set is done. Lap dances are $20, after buying a $10 access armband, and take place in booths on the side and the back of the main room. VIP rooms are $140 for 15 min, and are SO much better than SR's, each room is completely private with couchettes and drapes over the entrance, and music in each room. I'm not ashamed to admit that I've spent too much each time I visit, but it's just such a friendly vibe that I can't help myself. Please do yourself a favor and check out this place next time you're in Atlanta!
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    Bliss is now closed, unfortunately. It was a lot of fun while it lasted.