Bad Brazilians

Discussion in 'European Escorts' started by Vbk, Apr 17, 2017.

  1. Vbk

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    Anyone else in London have consistently bad experiences with escorts from Brazil?

    I've met a few over the years and it never goes well. Too rushed, cannot get hard or wanting to charge more after fee was agreed.

    Pity as they are all so hot.

    Anyone recommend one?
  2. sydneyboy

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    Can you enlighten us on who to avoid? I'm in London in 9 weeks and preparing a list on who to engage based on Sleepy boy, Gay Romeo and of course this forum.
  3. irfy

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    yes have had that experience as well except for one Brazilian bodybuilder who was fantastic, but he seemed to be the exception and is no longer in London, so that's why I avoid them now no matter how hot looking.
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  4. sydneyboy

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    I have been to Brazil 9 times and have (very) regularly frequented the famous rent boy saunas in Sao Paulo and Rio. I love them and have had some great times. These boys get around and I have friends who have had encounters with boys in Sao Paulo only to find them in Barcelona and elsewhere. One thing I have learnt is that it is a little hit and miss and some perform better than others. In the Brazilian saunas the going rate is about 100-150 reals but in London (being London) it will be upwards of 100 pounds. As a consequence any advice on good and bad experiences appreciated.
  5. Diederick

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    Have only hired one Brazilian guy in London and he was very good, gave me a really nice experience and he seemed to enjoy it too. I’d certainly hire him again.
    I don’t feel I can generalise about any one nationality. The worst escort I’ve ever hired in London was an English guy but other English lads I’ve hired have been great. Some of the escort experiences I’ve had with Eastern European guys have been disappointing due to (real or feigned) language difficulties. Feel free to pm me guys for any more info.
  6. Maybe they were straight Brazilians.
  7. Dishonesty has not nationality. I find these national stereotypes disturbing.
  8. Smurof

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    My first thought when I saw the headline was that this was in the wrong section and something went horribly wrong with an esthetician. The best person from what I've seen is Ricky Brazil, the only cut South American in the business (not an esthetician).
  9. John

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    Brazilian escorts in Berlin have a particularly bad reputation. I hear this from German escorts who tell me what their clients report. Some Brazilian escorts also claim to be Spanish--this I know from personal experience.