Bali, anyone?

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  1. 12is12

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    Hi All,

    If memory serves, I've read some 3 years ago that in Bali there's a gay sex scene similar to the one in Thailand.
    Is that true?

    Search here offers no detailed or updated info.
    Would appreciate insights.

  2. noob_one

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    They have some gay bars in Dhyanapura (Bali Joe, Mixwell, Facebar etc.). That's pretty much I know, I've never heard if they have any gay sauna/bath house (I could be wrong).

    But definitely lots of money boys there, just PLAY SAFE. Keep me posted if you know any other scene(s).
  3. Marlfox

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    I don't think anywhere has a gay sex scene like the one in Thailand. However there is a gay scene (bars, spas etc) in Bali. I've found the best site for information about gay attractions anywhere in Asia is This is the link to their Bali page:
    Have a good time.
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    I visited Bali in 2007 and had a fantastic time. It was extremely inexpensive, and had no difficulty at all meeting hot young men. Not as institutionalized as the gay scene in Thailand, there's still more than enough to shake your stick at. Even if it's a bit on the down low, there's plenty.
    Callego Massage and Warung was my favorite beach hangout, at Ganesha Beach in Seminyak. I saw online where it recently moved, so maybe something else has taken it's place?
    I had a 17 day fling with a sweet man named Ketut. By the way, the men are typically named after the day of the week they were born, so there's thousands of Ketuts there, lol.
    I had several one offs with money boys, who tended to be from the Timores or Java, where it's too dangerous to be out and gay.
    I did not enjoy the bar scene that much, only because soooo many young men were throwing themselves at me left and right, to the point of fights almost. It felt desperate.
    I especially loved cruising the beach. From about 4pm till dark, hundreds and hundreds of "Kuta Cowboys" are playing soccer, and hoping to meet a generous foreigner.
    Start your stroll at the north end of Kuta Beach, and just keep walking north. It won't take long before you get hit on by some really sexy, gorgeous guys.
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  5. Truereview

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    I've been to Bali a couple of times since 2010. The link @Marlfox offered has a passage in it that struck me as true based on my own experience:
    I did attract some very cute guys, but I'm usually drawn to mature men - the trade is very young. If that's your thing, you will find yourself approached by them at bars, beaches, etc, particularly if you look like a foreigner. I ended up having fun and hooking up with other tourists who introduced me to some locals. With this said, i believe Bali is nothing like Thailand. Thailand offers a much wider variety of men across ages, looks, ethnicity. Again, that's just my experience.

    Please come back and share your experience with us. Enjoy!
  6. fedssocr1

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    Really not at all like Thailand. I was there a couple of years ago. Lots of cute guys on the apps who will be happy to separate you from your money. But no gogo bars, or so forth. I did visit one massage place and was very much underwhelmed.

    It's definitely worth a visit. Some very interesting history and historic places. Ubud is a good base of operations to do day trips. If you're into the beach there are some decent beaches. I also spent several days in and around Yogyakarta which was more interesting to me. Borobudur is fantastic as is Prambanan. It's also a university town so lots of cute young guys around. Bali is primarily Hindu. Java is mostly Muslim.
  7. 12is12

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    THANK YOU guys!

    I was waiting for some updated info.
    Would love if you or others could go into specifics: places, names, etc.

    Also, is it true there's an ethnic difference in the.....package area?
    Most are small and uncut, but Muslims are big and cut?
  8. Funguy

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    Why don't you ask Dave (Legendary Dave), formerly of Wash DC - he is moving to Bali for some business endeavors. He'll be the horse's mouth.
  9. fedssocr1

    fedssocr1 Baron

    I didn't see enough packages to judge while I was there. My guess is that it's like anywhere else...a variety. The guy at the massage place did have the tiniest penis I've ever seen. But the money boy I met on Grindr was pretty average. is a good resource for finding guys. Lots on Grindr, Jack'd and Hornet.
  10. westernsyd

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    Lots of men from Papua or Sumartra are well hung.
  11. UpDownUnder

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    Legendary Dave is definitely the expert when it comes to Bali. I saw him when I was there in March and it sounds like he's going to be there for the foreseeable future.
  12. westernsyd

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    Now that is something I am excited about - hopefully I will be able to meet up with Legendary Dave on my next trip to Bali
  13. Dave

    Dave (The Legendary Dave)

    Awwwww, thanks, WesternSyd!
    (and THANK YOU, UpDownUnder and FunGuy)
    Able to host or travel on the island, and other places in SE Asia quite easily.
    Cheers -