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    Way back in jigh school our coach actually put me over his lap and spanked me damn hard. i was a big and strong guy way bigger than he was----he spanked me and it hurt alot----Since then I have had a skamful kind of inyerest in guys who are spanked---growing up mom and dad paddled me sometimes and it had no ill effect psychologically---Maybe it was cause I was well developed and way to mature physically to get an over the knee spanking bare----(I did get hard and the coach knew it) I can not to be the only guy who has this oddity or can I???
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  2. uwsman2

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    Spanking is a great fetish for lots of us. Fantastic to have someone warm up my buns before plowing me!
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  3. honcho

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    Although it's not my particular fetish, it's not at all unusual. There used to be spanking parties on a regular
    basis in San Francisco, and there was even a porn company that specialized in it.

    (Google Man's Hand Films)
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  4. honcho

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    I just did a bit of web searching and I see that men's monthly parties are still being organized;
    there appears to have been one just yesterday!
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  5. whipped guy

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    Not an oddity... Guys like to get spanked and others enjoy doing the spanking.

    When spanking a guy I prefer to use a flexible slap-paddle or a stiff paddle as opposed to using a bare hand. It makes it easier for the top to go longer and harder.

    There is a guy who attends the NY Bondage Club who is nicknamed "Spank Me". He brings his own collection of stiff paddles. Most are wood but others are of a firm rubberized material. He can be on the receiving end for what seems like an eternity. On more than one occasion my arm got tired out well before his butt did!

    That explains why guys who are really into heavy spanking prefer something other than a bare hand. The Dom can go much longer. Yet some guys need the feel of a bare hand to get totally turned on.

    I must also add that when playing the Dom it is hard work and quite tiring. One can work up quite a sweat as well. As such it is easier to use a more lethal weapon (stiff paddle or heavy leather flogger etc.) and go easier on the sub with it than a softer weapon (a bare hand or sissy suede flogger) and have to expend a lot of energy to satisfy the bottom's needs.

    Just sayin' and giving the perspective from the other side of the equation that is not often considered.

    PS to @honcho : Based on your above postings another perk for those who live in San Fran!
  6. Adam_6969

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    I also like to get a good ass warming spanking before getting fucked as well as get a slow spanking while fucking a guy that gets more intense as I approach orgasm.
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  7. BasketBaller

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    I didn't get spanked as a kid but I had a friend whose parents spanked him for any misbehavior well into his teens. I remember being fascinated that he didn't seem to mind, we'd be doing something and he'd matter of factly say, I'm going to get spanked for this, you know. But he kept on doing whatever it was. I wonder if he's into it now?
  8. LivingnLA

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    I love spanking. It's one of my favorite BDSM activities with women. I've only paddled guys in an official capacity though. Exploring BDSM in collage fit well with being my house disciplinarian.
  9. I LOVE getting spanked and usually something I want in a scene when I hire. I have trouble finding guys willing to go as intense as I like to go.
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  10. escortrod

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    Without a control (an identical twin who wasn't spanked) you can't really know that. The studies on the effects of corporal punishment on kids often show relatively subtle differences between groups who experience CP and those who don't.
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  11. whipped guy

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    When it comes to butt beating I personally prefer to use an accoutrement such as a flogger when playing the Dom...



    Or for guys who really like it intense such as @handiacefailure a stiff paddle...


    When on the receiving end I personally prefer a flexible slap paddle or a flogger. Actually I prefer flogging and being flogged on the back and chest, but that's just me.

    Bottom line, the sub should get what the sub wants.
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  12. LivingnLA

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    I hate to question your personal experiences but the science is pretty sound on this point: CP has subtle and long-lasting psychological effects. The question is: how much CP has to occur before it causes negative effects. Personally, as parents, we erred on the NO CP side of this debate.

    Here's a very good article about an influential Canadian study and many other historical studies:
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  13. I think adult CP is a lot different from spanking a child.

    As a child my schools were allowed to paddle (this was the mid to late 70s) and didn't turn me on at all the couple times I received it. Now if frats could have paddled at my college I would have pledged amnd tried to be on the receiving end of the paddle whenever possible:) But I get turned on by it from guys my age not a lot older
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  14. whipped guy

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    Totally agree. The so called CP that we are discussing here between consenting adults is light years away from the CP that might or might not be used on children. It's totally apples and oranges. I was usually a good kid so I was not punished in school...and heaven knows the "good sisters" in parochial school certainly were frustrated enough to know how to dish it out. My parents rarely used CP, I was usually sent to my room for "thinking time".

    Yet I was always fascinated with torture and associated it with pleasure. I certainly enjoyed watching such scenes in films and fantasized about being on the receiving end as well. Read the opening paragraph on the "Information" section of my Profile Page to see my thoughts on the subject of the pleasure of pain.
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  15. LivingnLA

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  16. whipped guy

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    I thought that might be the case and an happy to hear that it was indeed the situation. We all mess up on occasion! Consequently, I will cancel the spanking that I had arranged for you in LA tomorrow, unless you think that you might enjoy it that is! ;)
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    Haha! Thank you. I appreciate your desire to hold me accountable. I believe my self-discipline will be sufficient.
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