best country in the world to be an escort

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    of course this question goes out to escorts, and since this forum is mostly American users don't know if we'll get a good answer
    in which country is being an escort no problem? may be France s where it's legal, maybe Nevada?
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    There is a forum called “ask an escort” here. I think you will get more answers if you ask over there, our escorts don’t read the lounge as often.

    Late edit: Whoever got that thread moved, thanks!
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    Cant predict what responses will be from rentguys.... but Im pretty confident it wont be Nevada.
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  4. KeepItReal

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    Netherlands and Greece are both good choices. In fact, most of western Europe is pretty laid back and sex workers have legal protection. Don't forget New Zealand and Australia.
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  5. Keenan

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    While I started escorting in the USA I spent a year in Australia while studying and by far the best I could find. Brothels are legal in parts of Australia and the one I worked at also provided housing for those working there. Not only did it provide a level of safety from the perspective that customers were screened when they came in but living and working with other escorts provides a level of camaraderie. The only downside I found was basically being on call 24/7, customers could come in and request you and you'd be working whether or not you wanted.

  6. escortrod

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    I've had no problems escorting in the UK. It's fundamentally legal here, though some associated activities (which I do not do) are not legal. In London I feel pretty confidence that if I was the victim of a crime in the course of escorting I could report it to the police and be taken seriously. That's about as good as it gets.

    The possible downside to it being legal is that rates aren't as high as in the US, but that's a trade-off I'm willing to take. I've also found clients in the UK treat me better than in the US. Which isn't to say I've had terrible experiences in the States, but more clients there have been transactional with me, and wanted to get their 'money's worth'.

    Edit: when I think about it, I've experienced a lot less pressure to bareback or do drugs than I faced in the US too. Both are definitely common in London, but are asked of me about 25% of the time, vs 50% in NYC and Vegas.
  7. Kurtis Wolfe

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    Nevada isn't a country...

    Again. Cute.
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    except for Nevadians
  9. Kurtis Wolfe

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    It's like watching someone trying to do their best Frenchman impersonation while speaking Arabic. Cringeworthy.
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    you don't get to be cute muscle hot and use 5 syllable words.
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    Kurtis does.
  12. [​IMG]

    What about money?

    Greece is bankrupt... Also prices in Holland, NZ and Australia are cheaper.

    I would accept the U.K. (London), but not this other countries.

    Somewhere in the Arabian (Persian) Gulf where Sharia Law and cops don't get involved?
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  13. tassojunior

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    Obviously.....Switzerland. All the best Czech guys have either moved there or visit over half a year. Guys from all over visit. Not just Zurich but even Basel and Bern. (Geneva, not so much).

    Rates are very high and many clients. Highest income in Europe.

    For top-dollar customers paying to fly in a guy Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia seem to have something going on.

    For the US, NYC is by far tops with DC and LA second and third. Miami has too damn many working guys trying to squeeze in and Nevada is completely dead, even Vegas, unless you order-in from LA.
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  14. coriolis888

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    Along with the closure of the wonderful hustler bar - Carousel - the escort scene in Zurich (especially at the gay sauna Paragonya) went to the dogs.

    I used to visit Zurich for fun and had no problem meeting excellent escorts. However, the dishonest and aggressive Romanians plus drugs have made Zurich an unpleasant place to expect to find escorts.

    Now I visit only for banking and for a connecting flight to somewhere other than Zurich.

    Zurich MIGHT be good for the few escorts that score an occasional client but most escorts do not last long in Zurich. The escort rates are unrealistically high and the quality of escort is generally low.
  15. tassojunior

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    For Pragueophiles like me, that's great news. At any one time half the Czech guys I see are off in Zurich working. One lives in Basel now and the agent who handles BelAmi guys has moved there too from Prague.

    I'd heard Paragoyna had gotten sleazy and is mostly Brazilians now. The Czech guys I know get many repeats in Zurich. Swiss gays seem to have an insatiable addiction to Czechs.
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  16. coriolis888

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    Thanks for the data about guys from Prague. However, the fact that Paragonya is no longer a nice place to meet guys, has nothing to do with the Brazilians. The Brazilians are probably the few good saving points about Paragonya sauna.

    It is the thieving Romanians and the heavy drugs found in the sauna that caused the place to become (as you said) sleazy.
  17. tassojunior

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    Ah, Romainians ruin yet another city. Berlin is a Romanian pit now.
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  18. On top of that I am based in Las Vegas, Nevada and I never heard that it was legal here... Maybe I should change my marketing entirely now that I know that it is....NOT!
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    Czech (pun) that Tassojunior. There are mostly Romanians there, since they can legally work in CH, Romania being part of the EU now.
    Brazilians have been given the heev-ho at Paragonya, since they don't have work permits.

    (This info comes 2nd hand)
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    A tolerant, fun-loving Buddhist culture. I believe the concept is called 'sanuk' or something like that. There are massage parlors of every kind and escorts everywhere.
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