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Discussion in 'The Deli' started by LoveNDino, May 18, 2017.

  1. LoveNDino

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    Who has been your best escort experience ever and why? Links appreciated, of course.
  2. Funcompany

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    It has to be Joey Jordan from Toronto.
    Big furry muscleman who has been the most interactive man. He checks every box for me. Hurry back to Vegas, Joey.
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  3. amused1

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    Hmm, gonna have to say Kris Parkes from NYC. His verbal skills had me shivering. Yes, verbal not oral skills. Also he's stunning handsome.
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  4. LoveNDino

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    I should probably share mine since I started the probably has to be the first one I ever hired... In Montreal, and came in for a massage, but he upsold well and I bit, so to speak. He looks so much better in person too!
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  5. Funcompany

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    That's a great cock
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  6. LoveNDino

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    It was. He was very charming as well.
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  7. Billsboy4

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    Mike Gaite, for sure
  8. LoveNDino

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  9. MileHigh

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    SeanXavier.... God!!!
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  10. LoveNDino

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  11. MileHigh

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    @LoveNDino ... He is Godly. One of the nicest people out there!!!
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  12. PapaTony

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    Lots of "who" but little "why"
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  13. LoveNDino

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    Yes, that would be appreciated :)
  14. As a public service announcement, please make sure to directly ask your escort if he's current on all STD checks. Sure, he can lie, but it never hurts to ask. There are some things, even with a condom and PrEP, that can be transmitted. Things that aren't so easily cured with a shot of Penicillin.

    Not trying to fear-monger, but a friend of mine recently got HSV1 from an escort he was seeing. The escort KNEW he had it. Never warned my friend, no head's up. When he confronted the escort about it, the guy acted like it was nothing and tried to downplay it.
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  15. Mount N Do

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    Why? I'll just say that after he said hi, he kissed me, I almost buckled and the rest was...
    I'm still in a fog. And that was in March. What a friggin MAN. He puts the MASC in masculine. And is an expert at his craft. To say nothing of genetics.
  16. LoveNDino

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    From what you've told me, I've been considering a pilgrimage to Boston.
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  17. Mount N Do

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    I wouldn't wait. Think he's heading to Europe for a while. Run man, RUN...
    What an experience.
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  18. loverboy95

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    Ben, you are absolutely right and this really hits close to home. Even the best-reviewed escorts sometimes cannot be trusted. Unfortunately, I had to experience something like this first-hand.
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  19. NJmusclelover

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    This ones the best !!
    Been hiring people for years
    He treats you like your something special
    Sensual, fun and when he's with you treats you like there is no one else
    He's ruined me on other men
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  20. Sean Xavier is my number 2. My best moments with an escort were with Ron:

    He is not only my best escort lover ever, he is in my top five best lovers ever, period.