Best looking escorts (from the neck up)

Discussion in 'The Deli' started by jockstr, Mar 26, 2016.

  1. jockstr

    jockstr Apprentice

    Hi guys. New to the escort scene. I was hoping to get some input on escorts with great faces. Just DDG, double-take, handsome. A great body is also important but the focus here is on the face. I like more masculine guys that look great without trying.
  2. Without hesitation, I would say Griffin Donovan. He is drop dead gorgeous!
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  3. mikefl81

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    Ken Sparks and Dr Mike are some of the best looking guys I've been with. Very handsome men!
  4. WilliamM

    WilliamM Regent

    Tristan Waters, Orlando
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  5. MichaelM, LA (but he doesn't show it in the ad)

    I think JLA is quite the pretty boy too, but he would kill me for saying it.
  6. Joe_NYC

    Joe_NYC Journeyman

    " RYAN STEEL " = Top of the list , especially if you like white muscle guys ...
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  7. jockstr

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    *picks jaw off of floor* Does this guy have an ad anywhere? I could only find a sketchy BP-esque post.
  8. robberbaron4u

    robberbaron4u Viscount

    Kyle Gibson a/k/a Kevin Wilde
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  9. MikeBiDude

    MikeBiDude Count

    If it's the same Ken Sparks I'm thinking of, YES!!
  10. GBoi

    GBoi Master

    Damian Ledger in LA. Movie star handsome. Seriously double, triple-take worthy.

    In a more mature category Thor Maelstrom is crazy good looking too.
  11. Joe_NYC

    Joe_NYC Journeyman

    RYAN STEEL (01) =

    RYAN STEEL (02) =
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  12. IndyGuy

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    O...M....G....RYAN STEEL!!! Does he have an ad anywhere? He's just perfection.
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  13. mike carey

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  14. Keith30309

    Keith30309 Count

    Griffin D :)
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  15. BaronArtz

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  16. biggerbilly

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  17. bigjoey

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    Damian Ledgar is definitely "movie star" handsome. When he walks into a room, all eyes turn to him!
  18. RexB

    RexB Baron

    Does anybody have links to where we can see these guys that are mentioned? Some of us have no idea of who they are.
  19. Truereview

    Truereview Peer

    I find that some of the best looking guys do not show their face in their ads - probably bc their face is so memorable, in a good way. Today, in my portfolio, the best looking face (and a great ass and bod to match) is TParadiso in Atlanta (@jawjateck 's tumblr and m4rn provide details)
  20. Lankypeters

    Lankypeters Viscount

    Rob Yaeger --- distinctive, chiseled face (and body); reddish/blond hair and green eyes that are gloriously photogenic. Handsome is a distinctive way, perhaps not classically -- more of a handsome character man. And a helluva lay besides.
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