Best places in Toronto?

Discussion in 'Male Strip Clubs' started by CatnameFelix, Jan 1, 2017.

  1. CatnameFelix

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    Any suggestions are appreciated. Also any suggestions for regular hot spots with cute guys (I like to try to see if I can meet someone for free too)
  2. I haven't been to Toronto in a few years but I used to like the Eagle. They had a back room and lots of oral used to go on there. I'm not much into bathhouses, but I like spa XS, never had any problems getting lucky there. Not sure if it's still open but there was a bar on Yonge called sneakers known to have a lot of escorts hanging out there
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  3. zzed

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    Sneakers has been closed for years, but yeah... it used to be a great place to meet guys who needed a few bucks. Flash is an all nude strip bar on Church Street and attracts good crowds... dancers and even some customers are quite attractive and willing :)
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    I enjoyed Flash, closed doors in private rooms and the club provides lube and condoms . I have not been to the new location but Urge can be fun. Couple of doors from flash, entrance in the back. I watch two really cute guys have sex, I had an encounter with a beautiful married guy and was blown by another guy. Urge is not a bathhouse, you keep your clothes on until you find someone. It is a place that takes patience unless your young, beautiful or both.
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    Anyone know any big pornstar hangouts? Places I may see Jake Bass, Brandon Jones, Pierre Fitch, or Brent Everett? Are do they all hang in Montreal?
  7. mcbg22

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    I've seen Pierre Fitch and Brandon Jones at Campus and walking around the village in Montreal. Saw Gabriel Clarke cum on stage at Lux.
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    In other words, they only hangout in Montreal. LOL
  9. Aquario

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    Those three hang out in Montreal because they're from there.
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    I plan to take a trip to Montreal at some point. Come to think of it, are all Canadian Gay Pornstars from Montreal, or is it just me?
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    OMG when did he cum on stage? And why did he do so? Was it at a special event or is this a regular thing?
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    Brent Everett lives in Toronto and had a public art exhibit/sale at the end of November... not sure where or if he hangs out at any of the clubs although I recall a professional appearance at Fly nightclub. Montreal in the summer I've seen a lot of the local guys already mentioned in this thread. I also saw former porn star Ralph Woods on the street although he is almost unrecognizable from his porn days... still looks great but with longish hair pulled into a pony tail and scruffy facial hair. I 'experienced' him in Fort Lauderdale when he was working there a few years back, an experience I will never forget LOL.
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