Big and Bold Classic Western Soundtracks

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  1. azdr0710

    azdr0710 "Old Timer"

    though I'll never be able to keep up with all you fancy, hi-falutin' opera/symphony/ballet/Broadway types, I'll offer some of my favorites.......crank that volume!

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  3. LaffingBear

    LaffingBear Baron

    1. I'm thinking of changing my user name to Tangent-Wander, and
    2. Not a western, but I think one of the best movie themes ever written is
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    azdr0710 "Old Timer"

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  5. azdr0710

    azdr0710 "Old Timer"

    oh man, a classic.....thanks
  6. azdr0710

    azdr0710 "Old Timer"

    can't forget this legend......

  7. WilliamM

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    Not a western, but a very controversial film in the 1960s
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    I'm not a big Western guy, but I've always loved this theme song - yet another Frankie Laine classic. I'm a sucker for big choral arrangements, and this has some beautiful stuff in it.

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    azdr0710 "Old Timer"

    When Chuck Norris goes to bed at night, he checks his closet for Clint Eastwood.....

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  10. azdr0710

    azdr0710 "Old Timer"

  11. honcho

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    Especially about 25 seconds in . . .

    Oh, and I love Silverado ... I have had the good fortune to play it in each of 3 different wind ensembles in the past couple of years, but @LaffingBear scooped me :)
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    azdr0710 "Old Timer"

    thanks for this of the greats, though the stock photo of Monument Valley here is unusual as it never was in the movie (yeah, I'm sure the youtuber liked it)
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    Well, since the tangent has been blazed, here's my candidate--
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  14. azdr0710

    azdr0710 "Old Timer"

    nearly mythical......

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  15. azdr0710

    azdr0710 "Old Timer"

    not really "big and bold", but stick with it to the usual, read the comments while listening.....

  16. azdr0710

    azdr0710 "Old Timer"

    not a movie soundtrack, but definitely a "big and bold classic Western" Aaron Copland....listen all the way through.....

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