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  1. First time visiting the city. Any must see sites, must eat restaurants, and must do activities while there? Recommendations appreciated. Thanks!
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    Be sure to visit the North End for some of the best resturants in the city.
    If you like history, the Freedom Trail is a great way to see all the sites that your teachers told you about in 7th grade history.
    The duck boat tour can be fun if you have a good crowd
    And the best way to see some of the highlights is a city tour then you can go back and see what interest you the most.
    Have fun in Boston
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    It really depends on what you want to do. The Museum of Science is fun and they often have special exhibits. The New England Aquarium is nice as well. While you're down that way go check out Legal Seafood if you have a craving of the crustacean kind.

    Fanieul Hall is fun to check out, lots of street performers, food and shops. You can also go check out the original Cheers off beacon St. Like the poster before me mentioned walking the freedom trail is a good idea as you can take in quite a bit.

    Have fun in Beantown!
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    Visit TB!
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    If this kind of thing is within your itinerary, decent gay bars include...

    Paradise in Cambridge Occasionally with go-go dancers.

    The Alley Bar in Boston's Downtown Crossing

    The Eagle. Not a leather place as is the club of the same name in NYC, but rather Boston's Pickup Bar of Last Resort :D as local closing time of 2am approaches (in which place oneself has commenced some gratifying episodes).
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  6. TB?
  7. Tristan Baldwin.
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    Helmand is an excellent Afghan restaurant in Cambridge, owned by Hamid Karzai's brother. (In a show of human solidarity and defiance, it got a huge surge in diners in the days just after 9/11.)
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  12. @AdamSmith - thank you for all of the suggestions and links! Museum of Fine Arts just topped my list!
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  13. I've seen him post but never checked out his profile. Damn!!! :)
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    Go and visit MIT. It's really frumpy, considering what's been created there. Class 0f '73, Course V.