Boxers n Briefs near St Louis?

Discussion in 'Male Strip Clubs' started by NYCguy10011, Jul 8, 2016.

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    Gents -
    Visiting St Louis for a few days next week and thinking about going to BnB. Any thoughts or suggestions - best times, special nights, etc? And any guidance on VIP rules?
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    Hey nyc10011! Welcome to the forum. Here is quote from a forum member who just visited it. Just type in the joint name in the search box next time. Maybe you can PM @Lab12 for more details?

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    I'm wondering if this is the same same club in East St. Louis I would have visited 25+ years ago (I forget the name then). It had big crowds on the weekends and a jam backed "paradise" black room off the lower level bathroom. ;) Quiet on week nights but huge crowds Friday and Saturday. It was like driving through bombed out Warsaw to get there. One night upon leaving someone had come by with a baseball bat and smashed the windshields of 20 or 30 cars all around the building. Fortunately, I had parked far enough away to not have had a smashed windshield. Yikes!


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    With the VIP they have two options $75 and $200 or $250 I am not quite sure. With the 75$ VIP you can make out with the stripper, according to the barman that i spoke to anything goes, apart from coitus and ejaculation. Obviously the stripper can get naked but you can't. With the $200 option, anything goes including coitus and you wish to achieve. If you have any more questions kindly let me know.
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    Hey guys, wondering if anyone has been here recently? Will be in the St. Louis area this weekend and was considering a visit on Saturday night.
  6. This does not sound like Boxers N Briefs. It is located in Centreville, IL, not East St. Louis. Also, it is in a safe area near Belleville and Collinsville IL, and it is a one story establishment. So "a lower level bathroom" wouldn't apply here. The bathroom at Boxers is on the first floor by the bar and pool table.
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    Certainly worth a visit if you've not been before - Saturday nights are generally the busiest nights, but you will have more dancers than any other night, so that is a plus. I do wish the management would get a proper website working, pictures of the boys might help answer questions about the types of entertainment on the bar. Bring lots of singles, their ATM is expensive, as are the drinks. BnB is my second favorite club, behind Swinging Richards, but its a lot more laid back vibe - I always look forward to a job assignment in St Louis or western Illinois.
  8. I was in the St. Louis area this past week and went to Boxers N Briefs on two weeknights. This place never changes - which is fine in a way. If they advertised more, or developed a website that works, they would do much more business. Where else in the entire midwest can you find totally nude dancers 6 nights a week?
    I prefer to go on a week night. The business is a bit slow, and the customer gets way more attention. On the weekend they are very busy and the drag shows attract a crowd that I can avoid if I go mid-week. Each night there were 5-7 dancers, all of whom were cute and very nice to boot!

    I wish I lived closer so I could go more often. I still recommend it after all these years!
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    Wow sounds like a hidden gem...definitely want to check this place out some time
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    Finally made it here last weekend after missing out in Sept. Seemed a little quiet for Saturday but the dancers made up for it with their friendliness to a new patron. Was going to try to go back on Sunday, but after being out till 4am the night before :) I just couldn't make it.
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