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  1. This place is outside of St. Louis in Centerville, IL. near a host of female strip clubs. I was there a few years ago and it was a decent clean place. The dancers were hot, dancing on the bar, total nudity, a private dance area, a major stage with a pole. I liked it, bartender was just as hot as the dancers and the dancers sit with patrons when they are off stage. One of the dancers went home with me.. no charge :p :9 I recommend it
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    Was there a couple weeks ago. Went on a Sat. & Sun. They had about 10 dancers on Sat. but the place was not very crowded. Most of the time the dancers keep there underwear on but the last few minutes of the set is nude. They all seem friendly, except for one hot headed (not that great looking) tall guy who was ranting and raving that he was not getting any tips because he didn't let people even come close to touching his goods and all the other guys did.. So it was all thier fault that he was not making any money. He was complaining to customers, other dancers and the manager. If I was the manager, I'd tell him not to come back.

    The woman manager is too obsessed with yelling at the dancers for every little thing they do wrong in her mind... exit the stage without using the stairs or two seconds prior to your replacement showing up and you will be yelled at!!!

    The dancers are nice and easy to chat with. Limited touching is allowed as you pass your dollar to the dancer. They will also bump "it" up against you a lot.

    They have to types of private dances. One is a "private" lap dance. NON-NUDE bumping and grinding for one song $25. (in my opinion, not worth it!) Second is the "Lounge" dance. Semi private (private if no one else is getting a dance at the same time) the dancer gets nude and hard and you can touch all you want. Don't expect anything else to go on in there... cameras are watching! 15 minutes $75.

    If you are in the area, not a huge waste of time. Don't go to St. Louis just for this...
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    Decided to stop by when my business associate became ill and cancelled our dinner plans. First time I have visited Boxers. It was pretty quiet, never more than a few customers, but it was a Wed; the dancers said that Thursday was the only semi-busy week night. There were 5 dancers; I can't remember all of their names but Nick and Casey stood out. All of the dancers were friendly and generous with their time. Doesn't seem like much has changed since the last update. Lap dances are still $25 for one song (underwear is worn). Lounge dances are $75 and last 15 min. Lounge dances are done nude with a fair amount of interaction. However, like most strip joints, the extent of interaction in the lounge dance varies by dancer. If you are looking for something in particular, I would be sure to discuss with the dancer prior to the lounge. The lounge is pretty private, the lap dance area is not. I just had water and beer, but a Miller-Lite was $5.50 and a bottle of water was $4.50. There is still a $10 cover charge during the week. All in all a good time and I would definitely recommend that if you are in the area that you check it out. Oh, almost forgot, as previous posters have stated, the dancers do tend to be more on the twink side (only 2 of the dancers were 21, the other 3 were 19-20).
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    I was traveling for business this summer in St. Louis and could only convince my business associates (who are gay) to make the trek out to Boxers n Briefs one of the nights we were in town. We went on a Thursday night for about an hour and it was dead. When we arrived, there may have been 10-15 patrons in the bar. There were about six dancers and, as has been said, they tended to be on the twink side. There was one with a little meat on him (which normally isn't enough since I'm into bodybuilders) but he was cute and I wanted to patronize someone before we left. I'd say he was a thick football player look. I spent a few dollars with him at the bar while he gave me some on-the-floor attention after he got done with his set. All-in-all not a waste but I hope weekend nights are much more exciting.
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    I'm glad this is getting updated, since I'll be heading out there in a few weeks again. You say, 10-15 people in the bar during the week? Wow, I've never seen more than 6 or 7! Easier to keep the boys' attention that way. I like the twinks, so I'm happy about the selection. It's true that the nude dances are variable with the dancer. It's frustrating not to be able to handle the boys as they dance naked above me on the bar, despite getting occasionally pounded by a thick cock on the top of my head. lol
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    So, finding myself in STL on business again, I choose to try Boxers and Briefs on a weekend. I was told Saturday night, that's where folks land after everything closes at 2:00 in the City.

    Well, don't waste your time or money. I went and there were two kinda hot dancers there. Both of them had "football" muscles - one a jarhead-looking sexy mofo. He knew his job and he did it well - get folks to the lap dance room. He stayed busy a lot of the time I was there and was incredibly sexy when I went to tip him on the stage. But not worth a "backroom charge". The other guy had better muscles (better shape - not necessarily bigger) but spent the whole time I was there making out with what I surmised to be a stripper/hooker who came in to spend her tricking money. Bleh.

    I am done with this truck-stop cum naked stripper joint.
  7. But if you are looking for "Muscle Dudes", I still find this place exciting. Where else can you go in the Midwest to see totally naked dancers sitting in front of you with a hard-on?
    When I get to the St. Louis area, I always head here and have been doing so for the last 12 years. I have never gone away without a good time.
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    I visited two Wednesdays in a row. Both times there were three-four dancers. Interestingly, both nights there were the same party of six with two gay boys and their fag hags with a female couple. They stayed for an hour and left. The two of the dancers were latino - toned twinks. The third dancer was white college twink. I had a lot of fun with three dancers at the bar, both nights.
  9. I'm glad the bar is still open! I don't get down there often anymore. (I live in Chicago) I'm hoping that the weekends are busier. Was Rob still bartending?
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    It's been a few years since I've been to boxers. Stopped in last night. My experience is much like bakopanda. It was very quiet (at one point, there was only one other customer), there were 4 dancers (all cute toned twinks....I.e. no muscle guys). The dancers were all very nice and really accommodating. I did a couple of lounge dances which i thought were well worth te $75. As I said 3 years ago, if you're in STL, the place is worth a visit if you are into twinks. I will certainly be back on my next trip to STL
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    I like Boxers N Briefs and it can be a very fun place to spend time. I do drive to this place from Louisville as I enjoy the experience here. :)
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    St Louis was the last stop of a long trip this month- decided to see whats up at BnB, not at all disappointed. I was there Wed. and Thurs. only, back to Portland on Friday, so I expected the place to be kinda quiet, which it was, but the guys are cute twinks and happy to see ya! Three dancers each night, still dancing 20 minute all-nude sets on the bar. Tips in socks, the occasional grope, two of the three would come out after their set and chat- being from out of town, talked about how other places work and such. Ended up with lounge dances from all three guys Wed, and two of the guys Thurs- one was a repeat from Wed. Very satisfactory experiences from each, would like to see the place on a busy weekend and see how the vibe changes. It's kinda far out from the airport area though, but with a car it's doable.
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    pdxleo, thanks for the report. Is it possible to get a cab from B&B back to the Arch area? I'd like to go but would rather drink than drive.
  14. BSR,

    I'm pretty sure that you or someone at B&B could call a cab. Centerville (town where B&B is) wouldn't have any cabs, but Bellville, Il is just up the road. Google Bellville cab service. Boxers N Briefs is one of my favorite places, but I haven't been able to get down there much lately. Glad to hear it is still in business.
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    Hey, BSR... if you are staying in the area of the arch, you can get a cab to take you to B&B and then arrange with the cab to pick you up at a certain time, or even better, get that cab driver's number and call him in advance when you are ready to return. The cabs in STL are more than willing to do that.
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    Thanks for the help, gentlemen. I was going to call B&B to ask about the possibility but was afraid whoever happened to pick up the phone would say "yeah, sure" without really thinking about it. Hate to be cynical, but the staff of any establishment is far more interested in getting you in the door while not terribly worried about how you get back. I'll ask the driver who takes me out there about someone coming back out to "fetch" me." If that doesn't pan out, I'll make sure to have the #s of the four Belleville cab companies programmed into my phone. Thanks again.
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