Brenton Hong In Austin TX

Discussion in 'The Spa' started by g56whiz, Apr 18, 2011.

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    Hired Brenton last Fall. Very easy to set up, courteous and accomodating. Massage was decent, pics are accurate, and his personality was great. Now that you mentioned it.....he does look like Tommy?
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    Intereesting that he once escorted, if you're correct. The word "erotic" doesn't even appear in his ad; just "sensual," and all massages are sensual. Perhaps he's veered off in another direction entirely? He IS quite a hunk, though! If I lived in Austin, I'd be on his table in a New York minute!
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    Tommy Tam and Brenton Hong are one in the same. I saw him twice when I was in Austin (once in January and once in March). He is a very, very nice man, give a great massage (I always go for a 90 or 120 minute session), and there are many "extra benefits", if you know what I mean. His incall location is well located, easy to get to, and nicely decorated/appointed. He does a great job and you will not be disappointed. I recommend him highly.
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    His arms and chest are great. He's got a very little bit of a tummy-- I wish I had so little a tummy. So he is not exactly in escorting/dancing trim-- but he is an incredibly nice guy. And he gives a great massage. I would definitely choose him if I were back in Austin.

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    Many thanks to you all. Now I have just got to get to Austin. It's only a 3 hour drive which is next door in Texas terms.
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    haven't seen him in the last year (haven't been to Austin) or so but have seen him numerous times over the years and would say all the comments in this thread are true - super nice, hot body, better than average massage, interesting convo, etc. if/when I'm back in Austin will look to see him every time.
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    I saw Brenton yesterday. Even bigger than in his pics. Very friendly. Great happy massage :)
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