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  1. Cooper

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    Adonis Lounge
    113 Franklin Street
    Greenpoint, Brooklyn

    The club opens at 8pm and dancing starts around 9:30. When I arrived, I was greeted by the manager Tim and a very friendly doorman who collected a $10 cover charge.

    The doorman gave me the grand tour. Showed me where to hang my coat, where the rest rooms were located, the area for lap dances, and the champagne rooms. He said if I had any questions he'd be happy to answer them... I was impressed with this warm welcome.

    Since the dancing hadn't started yet, I ordered a beer: $5.00 and later a mixed drink: $8.00.

    The club is average size, with a comfortable sofa area for lap-dances, behind that is the VIP room. There's a small stage with a pole and the tables/chairs are located facing it. There is also limited seating at the bar. The club has a state of the art lighting and sound system... This location has a lot of possibilities and, as time goes on, I'm hoping to see more privacy in the lap dance area and putting the balcony to better use, (currently used as a changing area for dancers). Also, it would be nice to have some bar snacks available.

    One of the first dancers to perform on stage was JR. Some of the dancers enter stage for their 1st of two song wearing only their skimpy and revealing bikini briefs, others are in street clothes or uniforms. They then will strip down to their briefs... As for JR, he was amazing wearing only a well stocked jock strap.. He's good looking, with a nice solid muscular build, very enthusiastic, and sported a user friendly huge-n-thick boner throughout his stage show, (size queens will love him and bottoms will cry out for more!).

    There were over a dozen dancers working. The range was from twink to muscle. The friends I was with all found some dancers that captured their attention.

    At the 1st night I attended, Buffdaddy worked the club as co-promoter/mc and brought with him some of his famous buffboyzz. Nice additions to the lineup. Buffdaddy, as the professional he is, made everyone feel comfortable and important. He adjusted the volume of the music just right and clearly announced each dancer. Throughout the night there was always a dancer on stage... I'm hoping this combo of Tim and Buffdaddy works. They are both dedicated to making this club succeed and providing us with some alternatives to male strip clubs in NYC. These men truly understand what we are looking for when attending a strip club. The motto here should be "yes we can"...

    As the night went on more and more customers arrived and, by the time I left, the place was almost packed.


  2. Cooper

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    Adonis has moved out of their Brooklyn location. They are now at EVOLVE on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

    221 E. 58th St.
    between 2nd and 3rd Avenues
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    Also on Friday at Lucky Cheng's (52nd, btwn Bway & 8th)
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    How "friendly" are the dancers?
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    According to the website they've moved again

    7 days a week late night at Fairytail Lounge 500 W 48th St
    Tuesdays late night at Stonewall Inn
    Wednesdays late night at Atlas Social Club 753 9th Ave