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    Please post info about Buenos Aires escort agencies, bars, saunas, meeting places and other gay venues here.
  2. I have been researching Argentinian agencies and have found a couple. Has anyone found any others?



    (a listing of independents, I think)

    (sometimes takes a while to load)


    A website I looked at also suggested...

    Marcelo T. de Alvear Street. This street that runs parallel to Santa Fe Avenue (1block south) is a typical spot where street male hustlers work. They are called "taxiboys" in local slang. This is not the safer, but the cheapest escort choice.

    Clarín Newspaper Clasificados Section "Rubro 59". In this section of this popular newspaper escorts and escort agencies print their ads.
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    Hi Aron:

    Some more websites:

    www.bairesmodelos.com.ar (this one was not working yesterday)
    www.statusmodels.com (also not working)

    If you look carefully in the Soytuyo website you will find many boys having the same telephone numbers. These are agency-escorts.

    These agencies (they call them "privados") are mostly private apartments (like most Houses of Boys in Europe) where you go, you choose the boy (or boys) you like and have sex with them there (or if you prefer you can take them your Hotel for an extra fee)

    I know three agencies there:

    Status (Marcelo T de Alvear near Suipacha)
    Privado in calle Uriburu
    Privado in Belgrano (in street Virrey del Pino).

    Email me if you need more details (phones and adresses)