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Discussion in 'Tech Talk' started by Aquarionsol, Sep 23, 2017.

  1. Aquarionsol

    Aquarionsol Journeyman

    Hey I was wondering if anyone knows of any free burner phone apps. This way I do not have to use my actual phone number?
  2. LaffingBear

    LaffingBear Viscount

    Not sure what you mean by "burner phone apps"

    I use TextFree. Permits me to select an alternate phone number and use it for texts, without revealing my genuine phone #.... which is my work cell. Its free for texting only, theres a fee to enable voice.

    I dont think its 1000% anonymous... not the same as buying a burner for cash. Downloaded the app via my Google Play account - assume it's same via ios appstore account. But I think it would deter the everyday casual sleuth from determining my real name & occupation.
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  3. dupontversDC

    dupontversDC Knight

    I have used Burner, its on the Apple app store. Works well, was recommended to me by an escort.
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  4. Aquarionsol

    Aquarionsol Journeyman

    Thanks a lot for the info. I was using Sideline but starting in Oct they say they are just going to do subscriptions. I look forward to trying TectFree and Burner.
  5. JayCeeKy

    JayCeeKy Knight

    I use the "Burner" app for Android which you can find in Play Store. I think it is $48 a year (they may have changed rates recently). I think you can subscribe monthly or annually. You can change your phone number once a month if you pay annually - tailor it to whatever zip code you'll be travelling in. You can use it either to text or to phone. When someone calls it rings on your phone just like your regular phone. Support is okay - it takes about half a day for them to reply to your questions - but they told me that they are a very small company in L.A with limited staff. I'm very pleased with it.
  6. RyanDean

    RyanDean Baron

    Burner's worked great for me for a few years now.

    I'm using Hush for an art project right now, and it seems fine, but the interface is less appealing to me.
  7. MikeBiDude

    MikeBiDude Earl

    +1 for the burner app, I use on my iPhone. You can enable finger touch lock on it too, so if you pass your phone around and the burner app isn’t accessible to others (but then they ask “why” you have a locked app!!)
  8. Guy Fawkes

    Guy Fawkes Administrator Staff Member

    Google Voice... Free...
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  9. Not directed at you... but no wonder the epidemic levels of flakiness by potential clients who text the escort's ass off and never close the deal.