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Discussion in 'European Escorts' started by jj218uk, Sep 29, 2016.

  1. jj218uk

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    I saw this XXL hung stud is in London - has anyone met him?

    Thinking of hiring this weekend.

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  3. jj218uk

    jj218uk Newbie

    Yeah, saw his profile on there.

    No reviews anywhere, so wondered if anyone ha met.

  4. HopkinsLad

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    There are reviews of him on a Portuguese escort site that I've come across. They love him in the comment section. They monitor when he's coming & are disappointed when he leaves.
  5. MscleLovr

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    Thanks for the link. I didn't know of that Portuguese site. I find it worrisome that he's been filmed by Tim Tales; I thought that site really emphasises bareback sex.
  6. jjkrkwood

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    and thats troubling to you, considering the nature of escorting ? Dont you think EVERY escort at some time has engaged in bareback or been exposed to SOMETHING ? At least working for a studio, its under a controlled setting. It's YOUR responsibility to protect yourself with whomever you are with, paid or not....
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  7. MscleLovr

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    There's no need to shout. I wouldn't make an assumption about "every escort", but I take the view that any guy (working or non-working) may have an infection of which he is unaware.

    I simply wanted to be sure that the OP (a newbie here) knew that Caio had worked for a porn studio that is somewhat notorious for bareback sex.

    I believe in being responsible as well as sociable. And Yes, I agree that it's my responsibility to protect myself as best as possible.
  8. jj218uk

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    Thanks for the input guys

    I haven't got round to contacting him yet, but I think I will do so in the next few days
  9. john1987

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    How did it go?
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