Cambodia and Vietnam

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  1. westernsyd

    westernsyd Knight

    Heading to Indochina for a month spent traveling around Vietnam and Cambodia.

    Any one had any good experiences in this interesting part of the world.

  2. Frankly Rich

    Frankly Rich Time-out

    Good question.
  3. 12is12

    12is12 Knight

    I did.

    In Cambodia I visited only Siam Rip (Angkor Vat). I stayed at the hotel for gays (forgot its name), highly recommended. I also had a massage+ there, probably the best in my life!

    In Vietnam I learned there's no need to pay for sex. Plenty of young sexy locals are looking for GWM. The best webstites for hookups are Jack'D and Manjam. Both observations above are valid not only in these two countries but also in China, Myanmar and Laos.

  4. westernsyd

    westernsyd Knight

    Thanks, I am booked into Men's in Siam Reap , which has a sauna (bathhouse open to the local boys ) on site. Will investigate holes websites
  5. Frankly Rich

    Frankly Rich Time-out

    My experience in Vietnam and Cambodia was quite different from 12is12. Gay life is hidden, and when I did find it, money was definitely a factor. These guys know that we are relatively wealthy compared to them, and they expect us to acknowledge them in some financial fashion. Even if a generous "taxi" fare, they are pleased.
  6. westernsyd

    westernsyd Knight

    I'm familiar with other parts of Asia, namely Singapore, Kuala Lumpar and Bali - where even the straight men are offering it to you for the right price, which is pretty low by our standards.
  7. fedssocr1

    fedssocr1 Baron

    Just out of curiosity...I am headed to Singapore and then Bali (and Java) for most of October. How did you go about finding guys there? Apps/website (gayromeo, jack'd, etc) or other ways?

  8. westernsyd

    westernsyd Knight

    Singapore and Bali I can tell you about, grindr, gaydar, and Growlr work pretty well. Check out Utopia for venues and massage places. I can certainly tell you about the 5 massage places I've been to, let me know if you are interested. Again it depends on who you are and what scene you are looking for, bears and husky men are very popular in Asia as they are so different to what most Asians are like physically, and some places work best for Asians seeking other Asians, like Toybox in Singapore - but almost worth it just for the eye candy if you look seeing hot muscular Asian men running around a bathhouse.
    Lots of boys in Bali who live off tourists, that is a whole different scene, again if you want to be educated about it, ask and I will share
  9. rickinoc

    rickinoc Journeyman

    I was in Singapore two weeks back. I found Utopias links very useful. Lots of handsome masseurs but very little else. Nothing like Bangkok or Phuket
  10. fedssocr1

    fedssocr1 Baron

    Yeah, if you don't mind sharing that would be great. Either here or PM me.

    I was in Singapore last Nov for a few days and my Grindr got hit by several masseur-type guys. But I never had any time to do anything about it. GayRomeo seems to have a number of guys as well. I'm not a bear exactly (not at all hairy) but am certainly carrying some extra weight. I thought Singapore men were absolutely gorgeous. I think it's because of the melting pot nature of the place...
  11. Axiom2001

    Axiom2001 Regent

    PLEASE SHARE 'everything'" so ALL of us who are interested can reap the benefits! Thanks........
  12. Despardo

    Despardo Count

    What is the gay scene in Ho Chi Min City? Is it safe to hire there?
  13. westernsyd

    westernsyd Knight

    Very safe in Ho Chi Min.

    The very highly regarded NaDam Sauna/ spa,is worth a visit.
  14. g56whiz

    g56whiz Viscount

    What's going on in KL? I'll be there for CNY 2017. Thanks
  15. westernsyd

    westernsyd Knight

    KL is very active. . Check out utopia Asia. For sauna and club listings. The apps are very busy not all are money boys.