Carrie Fisher suffers massive heart attack

Discussion in 'Comedy & Tragedy' started by TruHart1, Dec 24, 2016.

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    Wow...the curse of 2016 again? May she recover soon.
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    Poor Carrie. She's had so many health issues and mental health issues. She always seems to soldier on however rather like her mother.

    I also feel bad for Debbie Reynolds, Todd Fisher and his family. Must be awful.

    Here's hoping it turns out better than it sounds at this point.
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    Thinking objectively, having lost my own father to a massive coronary, him 41, my mother his wife 39, me age 8, I know the pain of those all around her.

    But we her "fans" are not her family.

    To imagine ourselves into their place is a destructive and evil construct of Fake-Participation-Television.

    Any of us participating in that would irredeemably cheapen the entire situation.

    This is not OUR tragedy. To think it is, would be to show oneself irredeemably self-centered, and self-locked.
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    And now she has left us as well - joining two other celebs this weekend - George Michael, and a name that may not be familiar to all, but who was one of the great ubiquitous character actors on Broadway and TV, George S. Irving, who passed away yesterday. (Mr. Irving, in fact, won the Tony award for Featured Actor in a musical in the 1973 "revisal" of Irene, starring Debbie Reynolds, aka Carrie Fisher's mother. Carrie was actually also in that show's ensemble.)

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    I am completely lost by your post. Even though I was not a fan of Carrie Fisher, I am sad about her death and her family's huge loss. I was even sadder when people like Frank Sinatra, Lucille Ball and Jackie Gleason died. I had watched them on television since 1949 when we bought out first TV. I was just six years old in 1949. When my dad died of a heart attack when I was 16 and my younger brother was 10, I was pleased to be approached by strangers who knew my dad. However, my brother would likely agree somewhat with you. He's completely blocked my dad's wake and funeral. Also, he was too young to become fully aware of how ill my dad was before he died.
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    I do not know how to help you.

    The quantum physicist Paul Dirac formulated his lectures as clearly and plainly as he could see how to explain the subject matter. When a listener asked a question, Dirac would repeat, verbatim, the relevant part of his talk.

    I can only follow his example.
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    I am also lost as to why I should not feel sad (nothing more) when people whom I have seen on TV often (Sinatra, Lucy) or in person many times (Ella Fitzgerald. Gleason, Mary Martin).

    In my comments, I was very clear that it was easier for me to accept my dad's death at age 16 than my 10-year old brother. I suspected my dad was mortally ill, my brother did not.

    I know very little about Paul Dirac. Perhaps you had already guessed that.:):(:rolleyes:
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