Cartagena, Colombia

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  1. Wiley1

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    I'll be there for a week in mid-January. Does anyone know anything about the rent scene and the gay scene?

    I couldn't find anything on the forum about this city. It's supposed to be great fun, on the Caribbean.

    What websites should I use or places I should go?

    Thanks for any help!
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    I am not sure about the "rent scene" in Cartagena, but about half the hot guys on Chaturbate seem to me to be from Columbia. I bet for a few "tokens" you could ask them to PM you for some timely info. Some of them are so hot maybe you could link up? Not to take advantage of people, but it's my understanding that the economy in Columbia now is not so good - I bet the boys would love to make a few pesos.
  4. joselowe

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    Most of them are located in Cali Colombia though which is where Chatbate is big. Even when they say location "Medellin" they are still usually in Cali or Armenia Colombia
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    Thanks for all this info. I had never heard of Chaturbate before. Is it mainly Latino men? Is there a search function to find the location of the guys?

    Also, I have been using Scruff some. You can search guys in another area through that app. Not many guys inColombia seem to use it. They seem pretty shy in chat.
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    Wiley1 - Chaturbate is an online video chat room where males (or couples, females) show their stuff - they will, per the name, perform various sexual activities in the expectation that viewers will award them "tokens" for their efforts. I have purchased tokens a couple of times - I usually get 200 tokens for $20. The "actors" are everyday people including all types of races, countries, body types, and sexual inclinations.

    The reason I had mentioned Chaturbate in regards to your question about Columbia is that there seems to be a ton load of chaturbaters (some super hot!) from Columbia. If you are a registered user (it's free and safe) you can PM (Private Message) a chaturbater, or, he will usually PM you if you donate a few tokens to him. It might be a great way to gather some info about "the scene" in Columbia. Below the chaturbater's "room" there is info about him including birth date, location, etc. There are also "tags" that identify various categories of chaturbaters like "big dick" and "fetish."

    Happy Hunting!