CBS Poll: Mr. Trump continues to dominate

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    "The fact that 2.9 million more voters wanted "Crooked" Hillary than Trump..." is totally meaningless. It's blather. It's twaddle. It could have been 29 million. Makes no difference. We elect our Presidents based on electoral votes, NOT popular votes. Mr. Trump ran a national campaign. Whose fault is it that Hillary and the dems have almost no support outside of the coasts and urban areas? The democrat party is a regional party and their support is limited to those areas. The Republican party is broad based and national.

    As for the the electoral college being "antiquated". We'll assume you're having a bad day and just call that sour grapes. Prove me wrong and cite one thread that you started or post that you created before the election results were in where you criticize the method we elect our President? Don't bother. There is none. That's because much to your surprise and chagrin, Mr. Trump is now President-elect Trump. Before that you and others had no problems with our Constitution. Now you are looking for any excuse to delegitimize his Presidency. It won't work! The fact that Hillary and her surrogates campaigned at the end in states like Georgia, Texas, and Arizona instead of spending more time in Michigan and Wisconsin proves she ran a terrible campaign and would have been an equally terrible President.

    And yes, Mr. Trump DID DOMINATE. And you saying that it didn't happen will not change that fact. After over a year of being targeted with vicious and childish name-calling with every epithet they could muster, Mr. Trump still defeated his 15 primary opponents and then went on for the de grace by vanquishing Hillary.

    Whether his opponents like it or not, Mr. Trump will make America rich again. He will make America safe again. And he will make America GREAT again.

    So buckle up and get on board the Trump train. It's about to pull out of the station. Next stop, the White House.

    CHOO CHOO!!!

    America Will Be Great Again
    39 days to go

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    Priceless. Gotta hand it to you. You are one of a kind! :p

    Well... maybe he will be so loved within four years that his head will be added to Mt. Rushmore. They might have to remove two other heads to accommodate him though.

    We Libtards are quite the cynical bunch, ain't we? We should just put on our rose colored glasses and hope for the best. Sadly we were not nearly as much "in love" with Crooked Hillary, Socialist Bernie and Kenyan Muslim Barack as some of Trump's supporters were with him. What is wrong with us Libtards? Of course, Trump will make SOME of America rich! It is silly to be nit-picky about whom. As far as making America safe, he will at least pretend to be... and the image is what counts in the long run anyway. He did blame Bush for 9-11 happening on his watch. Whatever happens on Trump's watch, he will have a good answer for it.
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    The fact that a president elect won the electoral college and lost the popular vote by a significant margin is totally irrelevant to the outcome of the election. In fact, that a presumptive president won the electoral college numbers on election night is also totally irrelevant. Electors in enough states have the power to vote how they chose, so it is only the actual votes in the electoral college that matter. But the election night EC tally and the popular vote are not meaningless, they provide a different reflection of the mood of the nation. They affect the mood of the congress and of the people about the new administration, they reflect the confidence in the new administration. These things are not meaningless even if they don't reflect the numbers in Washington and who is in the White House.

    In our elections, after the counts that matter have finished, votes are notionally assigned to one of the two major parties regardless of who the voter voted 1 for on the ballot paper. This 'two party preferred' vote favours one of the two main parties and it is not always the party that won the most seats in Parliament. Everyone recognises that the 2PP vote is meaningful but largely irrelevant. The number that counts is the number of seats in the House of Representatives.
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    HRC won LA county by 1.7M votes and NYC by 1.5M votes. Trump would be wise to acknowledge her triumphs. In the spirit of the season and to promote reconciliation, he could offer her a post, perhaps ambassador to LA & NYC??? Other ideas?
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    I recall W offered Jeb! the post of ambassador to Chad, which he wisely declined. After all he could never have mounted a presidential campaign from N'Djamena.

    Excluding certain states from the EC count is no less or more peurile than excluding certain states or counties from the popular vote. You have to include all of the country in any vote calculation, notionally excluding, say NYC, is no different to voter supression in the actual election.
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    Oh absolutely! I am highlighting HRC's electoral accomplishments.
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    Jawja, I think she is smart and capable (and qualified) but a lousy campaigner. She would neither seek nor accept a Trump office. We've had a succession of outstanding US ambassadors here under W and Obama, the last one proudly gay. Canberra is a small town and US Ambassadors and UK High Commissioners have fitted in as part of the community. Our local public radio has them in the studio regularly. Hillary could do that, but would neither be asked nor accept the gig. (Canberra and Wellington vie to be the coolest little capitals in the world.)
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    Many on the right are now pointing out that without California and New York, Trump would have won the popular vote by 3 million. Maybe we would all be better off without CA and NY in the union, since this would also eliminate New Yorker Trump from being president of what is left. I'd like to see how he would fare running for president of CA/NY.
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    I'm a tad ashamed for the joy I'm getting from watching the republicans getting back some of shade they threw onto President Obama from one of their own. Now I just wait until the house of Trump collapses from the weight of its own corruption.
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    Which is exactly the same logic as saying you've had sex with every man in America except for the ones you haven't. Meaningless.
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    And, of course, you’ll have to offer up one of your own to interface with the Trump administration. Sir Les Patterson might be a good fit. [​IMG]

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    How about Dame Edna?
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    Now there's a pussy he wouldn't grab twice. [​IMG]

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    Oh, great. THAT'S the mental image I go to bed with tonight????

    Jeez. Thanks, lookin.
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    Interestingly enough, if Hillary had won, her name would be in that headline as having the worst favorability poll number of any president-elect in modern American history. Either way, there was going to be a president elect for the record books.
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    With just a few weeks before his inauguration, Donald Trump is going to take office in a historically weak position, according to a Gallup survey released Monday.

    Less than half of people in the U.S., 46 percent, said they’re confident in Mr. Trump’s ability to handle an international crisis.

    Only 47 percent said they’re confident in his ability to use military force wisely.

    Only 44 percent said they are confident in his ability to prevent major scandals in his administration.

    In contrast, over 70 percent of people were confident in President Obama, George W. Bush and Bill Clinton in all of the above areas before they took office, Gallup said.

    -- CBS News, January 2, 2017

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    That "poll" is almost a month old (Released yesterday, but polling done December 7-11). Typical of corrupt and biased polling when it comes to the President-elect.

    And they used the same polling data that gave us the Gallup poll showing "Hillary will win by 11 points." You'd think Gallup would learn. Gallup polls have just trotted off into oblivion. It's just more horse manure from a man named Gallup.

    Gallup has absolutely zero credibility. They said Trump would lose in a landslide. Gallup is the National Enquirer of polls. The only difference is the Enquirer is more reliable. They need to rebrand and call it the Screwed-up poll.

    America Will Be Great Again
    18 days to go

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    Gallup announced when the poll was conducted when they released the results (that's how you know), so I have no idea what's "corrupt" about that. But, then, neither do you. "Corrupt" is just a word you've trotted out as a slur because, well, that's what you do. I wonder where you learned that.

    When you have newer data that shows Trump is more popular with the public than Gallup says he is, feel free to share, but I doubt he'll come close to making up the huge deficit between his popularity (or lack thereof) and that of other incoming presidents. Even some of the people who voted for him seem to be catching on, albeit belatedly.

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    You missed the point. Gallup's polls are not only old, but they are inaccurate. If Gallup's presidential polling was correct, Hillary would be making her cabinet picks now. Perhaps someone, even you Moondance, should tell Gallup that Hillary didn't win the election.

    Mr. Trump is unpopular and also THE COW JUMPED OVER THE MOON too! Maybe if Mr. Trump spends all of his days ON THE GOLF COURSE, these same fictional people would then have more confidence in him [or maybe if he would have JZ and Beyonce sleeping in the Lincoln Bedroom 24-7 etc].

    Oh, and the popularity of a President before he takes office is about as meaningful as who won the most popular votes. Speak to me in 4 years after President Trump has made America Rich again, Strong again, Safe again, and Great again.. And speak to me in 8 years, when states will be voting to amend the Constitution to allow Mr. Trump to serve more than 2 terms.

    America Will Be Great Again
    18 days to go