CBS Poll: Mr. Trump continues to dominate

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    If Bridgegate had been a case of Chris Christie or any member of his staff driving off a bridge and leaving his passenger to die when she could have been saved, then liberals would would apparently have no problem with it. After all, look at how liberals elected, re-elected, worshiped & glorified Ted Kennedy.
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    This @BOZO T CLOWN is delusional. Totally.
    And a Clown can only like another BIG clown!

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    In addition to fleeing the scene and allowing poor Mary Jo Kopechne to drown, Kennedy was kicked out of Harvard for cheating. And, according to his own son, he was a chronic alcoholic and prescription drug abuser:

    Not one peep of criticism from the left about Kennedy..

    America Will Be Great Again
    11 days to go
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    Damn Bozo, you are obsessed with this tit-4-tat shit. The Kennedy's have a great legacy.and pedigree. Trump is a yard dog mongrel in comparison. And Kennedy was never convicted of any crime, so maybe you need to quit badmouthing him. It makes you look like an obsessed stalker. Surely you can pull something else out of your bag of tricks. ?
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    Being called an obsessed stalker by you? ROLFMAO.
    You follow me around this forum like a lost puppy dog. Instead of replying with logical, intelligent posts, you engage in 2nd grade name-calling, nasty, mean-spirited comments, and ridiculous images.

    America Will Be Great Again
    11 days to go

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    Sounds like Trump.
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    From our nation's independence through the 1960s, whites murdered hundreds if not thousands of blacks, yet were never arrested much less convicted. Would you be so quick to defend those racist murderers? Of course not, but you leap to the murderer Ted Kennedy's defense because he was one of the most powerful politicians in history to advance leftist ideology. Liberals live by one and only one standard: "how does this benefit ME?"
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    HELLO ? Have YOU even read your own posts ? With your CONSTANT presence here, its hard NOT to follow you, so dont flatter yourself Mr Trump, um, I mean Bozo.... And this post here demonstrates you stay TRUE to the Trump way, insult, ridicule and denigrate to compensate for any lack of substance. What YOU consider logical and intelligent is highly suspect, and I would fear for myself if I subscribed to ANY of it. 2nd grade name calling ?? Isnt that what your boy does daily in his whiny "you hurt my feeling" tweets ? Get real clown, and stop transferring your boys shortcomings onto others. And please let me leave you with another "ridiculous image"....

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    Well, I'll say this, he's not looking so good since the embalming.


    But that's what you get when, for the sake of argument, you resurrect the right wing's old favorite bogeyman -- a capacity in which, apparently, he is still effective. Just look how you got your buddy BSR all riled up.
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    Do you mean whites that adhered to KKK and other white suprematist and neo-nazi leanings? Is the mainstream media (as well as the KKK wwebsite, Wikipedia, etc) wrong to report that these are considered right-wing organizations and have celebrated Trump’s election?
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    I can't read that Bozo T Clown's posts anymore. I had to block him
  15. Lol. Really? I have never blocked anyone. It is easy to ignore a post. I actually find Bozo entertainig when he does not try to be serious.
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    I meant "ignore". At least his posts (I never found them entertaining at all) don't pop anymore in front of my eyes
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  17. I know what you meant. I was not correcting your vocab, I understood you. I did mean just to skip his post or read them and forget about them, they are mostly uncritical propaganda, misread articles, and fake news.
    I've never used the "ignore" function because you may miss continuity in some threads.
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    Bozo's schtick is "OLD". I think he needs to reinvent himself with a new profession ? There's always a place for a "supporter".....

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    Bozo, I lived in Massachusetts for twenty-five years, long enough to vote for Ted Kennedy twice for the U.S. Senate. I read your link to the Patrick Kennedy article. There's nothing in the article that was not know by Massachusetts residents who paid attention. At one point, I believe Patrick referred to his mom, Joan Kennedy in past tense. For the record, she is still alive.

    I voted for Ted Kennedy because of his voting record and superb constituent services. Ted was far more friendly and approachable than his two older brothers, John and Bobby. Yes, his behavior was often indefensible, never more so than at Chappaquidick in 1969. My mom was also the youngest of a large family and also growing up in East Boston. But, she had a more responsible mother than Rose Kennedy.
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    Time to get back to the OP's original posts on Donald J. Trump's popularity across America.

    As Pew and Gallup report, he is the LEAST POPULAR PRESIDENT-ELECT TO BE SWORN IN SINCE POLLING BEGAN, with his unfavorable numbers actually higher than his favorables: 44% approve, 51% - a majority - disapprove

    Americans surveyed by Gallup also have low consideration for Trump’s cabinet picks—44% of people interviewed consider them “poor” or “below average.” Only 13% said the same for Bush’s picks, 12% for Clinton’s picks, and 10% for Obama’s picks.

    America hates Donald J. Trump, which is rather heartwarming.