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  1. DrownedBoy

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    Yet another piece of advice I need to ask.

    While I haven't used it yet, some escorts mention (on their RentMen ad) that they accept credit cards and PayPal.

    Is it safe to assume that if you don't specify that in the ad, that you'll only take cash?
  2. Kurtis Wolfe

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    Correct. You are more than welcome to ask if a provider accepts other payment methods. Venmo tends to be a growing option ( and is one I will allow with regular clients ).
  3. Or ask after your first successful visit. I mean, how hard is it to get cash out of the atm?

    Kevin Slater
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  4. sincitymix

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    many banks do have daily/monthly limits on atm withdraw amounts :p so if your fee for a few hours is over my withdraw limit ..... :(
  5. Kurtis Wolfe

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    Most banks make it very easy now to change that. Most of my banks with the exception of my credit unions that I bank with all have an option in their mobile app to change the withdrawal and purchase limits on the fly.
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  6. Yes, it's implied but it doesn't hurt to remind some folks the obvious.
  7. sincitymix

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    yeah im with a credit union.. hmmmm with your hourly rate.. you would be within my daily withdraw limit for a few hours, yay! :D
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  8. westernsyd

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    I much prefer a cc. Those frequent flyer points add up, as someone who withdraws $400 cash a month and use cards for everything else, CC is great.

    However for a good time I will visit an ATM if necessary
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  9. Of all possible things someone can pay with a CC, I just don't understand whey they would hire an escort and leave a record all the way back to them...

    Buy a lot of things with CC and pay cash to hire an escort, just my common sense advice.
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  10. TruthBTold

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    I never realized that because the cash amounts come up as buttons to be selected. What do you change so that the buttons on the ATM screen change? Thanks.
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  11. Tygerscent

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    Hmmmm... Tracable payment for Clients who might not want their expenditures tracable~
    These payment services also cost money and can contribute to increased hire costs to
    cover the overhead of those services.
    Additionally, some dishonest Clients utilize the cancelation of payment option once they leave their appointment~ They dispute the charge~
    I've see it all happen to other people and finally dropped those types of payment options from my business~
    Credit cards also come with interest on the payment and bank fees
    Cash works easier for both Escort and Client on so many levels in my experience and opinion~
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  12. CCMaryland

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    Anyone heard of a guy named Jerry Springer? Former mayor of Cincinatti, Ohio?