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    Chasers Bar
    3217 The Plaza
    Bar Hours 7:00 PM - 2:30 AM Dancers begin at 9:00 PM (Which is when they start charging a $5 cover)

    First and foremost, let's remember that we're in Charlotte, NC.

    The bar has incredibly friendly staff. Drinks are fairly inexpensive ($4 you-call-it vodka on a Saturday night!). It is a fairly simple lay out. Parking is behind the bar. There was a security guard and the door is monitored by CCTV which shows in the bar area. You enter the bar and the patron space is a horseshoe around a bar with a large stage at the far end from the door. There are pool tables to the left, a small "partitioned area" (See below), and the DJ booth. To the right of the stage is a door exiting to an outdoor patio for smoking.

    There were about 10 dancers, half were black, an Asian and four white guys. Most were young (less than 25 years old). A couple of the black guys were nicely muscled - no bodybuilders but cut abs and full arms. The Asian had a nice swimmer's body. Two of the white guys had nice bodies, one of them fairly tight (like a cross country runner), the other was hairy and lean. Since I usually go for a bodybuilder (think: 6'2", 220 types), I wasn't overly excited by the dancer choice. But the lean guy was so incredibly nice and the young bartender was nice and easy on the eyes (he should have danced - he would've gotten a couple of hundred out of me!), I stayed and enjoyed the evening. Two or three of the dancers rotate being on stage for 15 minutes at a time; the rest of the hour they are hanging with patrons.

    There isn't a "lap dance area" per se, but there was a chair in a corner behind this partition of a wall that allowed for a more private experience. Since there is only one little seat in the area, it stays busy all night and if you want a private dance, your dancer goes to claim "next dance" in the chair. Two songs for $20. I'm sure there were rules/laws about what can be done in that private area but let me say the activity ranged from a good, clean lap dance to, by the end of the night with the same dancer, more action between us then I've experienced in most places.

    Again, don't travel just to see this place but if you find yourself in Charlotte and have to go out, this was a fine enough place to spend an evening.
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    So, I went back on my annual pilgrimage (I have family that I visit in NC during the holidays). I went to Chasers on Friday night and nothing has changed. No guys I would tip anywhere but Charlotte. I spent most of my night putting cash in two young 20 year olds shorts. They probably weighed 125# but were attractive (enough) and lean. I left wondering why I spent $75 for that experience. When it comes down to it, that's all Charlotte had to offer so that's where I spent my $. Luckily, I went from Charlotte to Atlanta. I will post more about that at a later time!