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    OK. Here's a list of resources. Getting to South America, and particularly to Brazil, doesn't have to be expensive. From the West Coast of the U.S. it's possible to get to Brazil for less than $600 RT (often cheaper). From the Midwest and East Coast, it should be less, sometimes close to $400. From Europe it's possible to find flights for €600, too.

    The following are U.S. resources. Please feel free to add to these if you find something good. Europeans/Canadians are also encouraged to post good sources of cheap fares there.

    It never hurts to check out, and to see what they're offering. Ditto your favorite airline's own website, which may have some super-special available just when you're planning on traveling. Another poster here suggests

    Unfortunately, these sites may not have cheap fares available for exactly when you want to go. All is not lost. In many large cities there are "ethnic" travel agencies available that cater to the local immigrant communities. Almost always they offer very cheap fares that aren't advertised or published elsewhere. However, you don't have to be an immigrant to take advantage of them. You just need to scout out the local publications, shops and restaurants catering to people from the country you're interested in traveling to for the names and phone numbers of agencies specializing in cheap travel there.

    For Brazil, the granddaddy of them all is BACC in New York. Visit them online at

    Others include, and

    Some agencies on the West Coast (they can arrange for tickets and fares from other locations) are:

    Brazil Air (Los Angeles) -- (800) 441-8515

    Brazil Tours (Sherman Oaks) -- (800) 927-8352

    Cheviot hill Travel (Los Angeles) -- (310) 202-6264 or (818) 501-4426

    Tropical Travel (Walnut Creek) -- (800) 787-6742

    Tropical Travel (Oakland) -- (888) 727-2745 (Local Brazilian friends have used this agency.)

    Paulo Travel (San Francisco, on Market near Castro) -- (415) 863-2556 or (800) 994-8446 (I've used this agency myself, and they're prominent in the local Brazilian community.)

    Pão de Açucar -- (415) 751-0100 or (800) 378-1886

    Current fares being advertised as of this date by these agencies from the West Coast range from $539 to $590 round trip. These agencies also offer one-way tickets for about $350. So check them out, and up, up and away. . .
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    Just to echo Tri's remarks, I recently bought a roundtrip ticket on American for exactly the dates I wanted in October for around $750. This compares to the internet fare of about $1200. And I get the miles. I bought the ticket from Paulo Travel in San Francisco--see Tri's post for contact info. SF Traveler
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    I'd like to suggest that you contact Americas based in San Francisco when inquring about travel to South and Central America. The telephone numbers are: 1-888-703-9955 and 415-703-9955.

    Two Brasilian guys run the place, I think. Last week a friend of mine who writes at this site and lives outside of CA told me about this agency, for he's already gotten a good deal for September travel. (The guys also know Odilio.)

    I contacted Danilio about ticket prices to Rio for the latter part of December and was ok with his lowest quoted price if I fly from San Francisco.

    This agency also has a nice ad in the SF CHRONICLE (Sunday Travel section) each week!
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    Axiom, thanks for all of your help. I called your friends in San Frnacisco as well as Brol for my tickets in two weeks. San Francisco was $90.00 more than Brol. Sidestep came in more than Brol as well. For now, Brol seems like the agency providing the best rates. I am flying on United and I just got off the phone with them and they upgraded me to Economy Plus at no charge so I'll have a few extra inches. Hopefully, they won't be deducted from each sauna boy I come across in Rio. One note: On the past two occasions, Brol has had a few different prices, depepending on who you speak with and when, they vary their prices. In fact, they e-mailed me three different prices. I advised them of this and they honored the lowest of the three prices. Last time I went, I extended my stay and had to pay an additional charge for this. OVer the interent, they quoted me a price $50.00 higher than what American ended up charging. Muito obrigado.
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