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    Location: Chicago
    Club's Name: Lucky HorseShoe Lounge
    Address: Belmont & Halstead
    Phone #: never called them
    Hours: varies
    Cover charge: Only for special events
    Website: (if available)

    Type of Club: Bar with Go-Go Boys

    Type of dancers: Varies

    Description of Club: Three bars: front, back, and further back. Two "stages" (platforms) for dancers. Back areas often closed off during the week (slower times) but back areas very active weekends.

    General Information: If it wasn't for near-naked boys dancing on a box you'd think this was just another neighborhood bar at the foot of Chicago's boystown. The bartenders are always friendly, the crowd is always friendly, it's a lot like "Cheers", but with go-go boys.

    The dancers vary. It's usually twink-o-rama, and often they look like they could use a good meal. (Often, they could.) Once in a while, you'll spot an utter stud who just couldn't get booked anywhere else in town that night.

    The quality of dancers varies widely enough you might not want to put the Shoe on your first choice list. When it's good it's FABULOUS and when it's bad it's really, really bad. It's the only place I've tipped a dancer to GO AWAY. I've also hooked up with some fabulous guys there.

    The dancers have to keep the g-strings on, but on busy weekend evenings you can often sneak into a corner with one of 'em and get frisky.

    If you want a dancer to get friendly, tip him. He'll generally come over to your bar stool afterwards and thank you. The thanks will be proportionate to the tip. Tip well on a slow evening and he'll be REALLY thankful.

    As for hours, it's the most generous in Chicago. Weekdays, they start around 6pm and run until 1am. Weekend, they start closer to 3pm and run until 3am.

    It's just a good laid-back place to relax and have a drink, and it comes with dancing twinks who appreciate attention.

    What's not to like?
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    Thanks for the Review deej.

    Here's some filler info.
    Address: 3169 Halsted Street
    Phone #: (773)404-3169
    Advertised Hours:
    5pm-2am Weekdays
    2pm-2am Fridays
    Noon-3am Saturdays
    Noon-2am Sundays
  3. Conway

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    I'm pleased to report that the talent at the Shoe seems once again to be on the upswing. Report forthcoming.
  4. Conway, You are correct! I have been there frequently in the last few weeks, and the new hires are great! Brandon is a blonde muscular guy with a great smile and eager to please. Patrick is new, and he is a dark-haired twink from the south. Other new dancers as well. I is worth a trip there to check out the new ones. Weekends are always best. On Mondays and Tuesdays they only dance in one room, and on the other days there are dancers on both stages after 8:00.
  5. Conway

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    Brandon is actually from Iowa.
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    Has anyone been to Lucky Horseshoe lately? I'm headed to Chicago later this week and wondering what to expect. Lucky Horseshoe is definitely one of the most inconsistent bars I've ever been to.
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  7. I can't believe no one has updated this bar since 2007. This is my favorite hangout in Boystown, Chicago. Since the new manager took over several years ago, the physical surroundings have greatly improved as well as the dancers. They now have three bar areas, and stages for dancers in two of them. The dancers vary from muscle dudes to twinks to punks. All ages and races included. It is a very friendly bar with no attitude that you find in many of the other Boystown bars.
  8. As requested by Cooper, I will give an update: Lucky Horseshoe remains the only gay stripper bar in Chicago with dancers on a daily basis. The array of dancers has greatly expanded over the years. All types and ethnicities are represented. Even though there are no private rooms, dancers do give lap-dances in the back bar. On Tuesdays, the dancers are all "muscle-dude types", but on other nights there is a good mix. Dancers start at 8:00 on most nights, but on Saturdays and Sundays, they start in the afternoon around 2:00 or 3:00. Each month the bar stages an audition night where all dancers are required to "re-audition" and be voted on by the audience. Each month some dancers are fired. I really don't like this practice, but it seems to be a mainstay for them and they get large crowds in attendance on those nights. One of my favorite dancers was let go about a year ago due to this practice, so perhaps I am prejudiced against it for that reason. I have been going there for over 20 years, and still enjoy the place.
  9. Ord733

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    What is the age range of the customers at Horseshoe?
  10. The customers range in age from 21 up to the 80's. The bar is becoming popular again and I see many young people there all the time. Yes, us older guys are still there, but it is really a nice mix of dancers and customers.
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    Thanks for the feedback. I am also in the "older" category. Going to Market Days and will stop by the Horseshoe to check it out.
  12. Ord733 Check your message box - I sent a PM
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    UPDATE: The Lucky Horseshoe has had a major improvement in the dancers since my last visit. There was a nice mix of a dozen dancers each night during my two day visit; there were even several Asian boys. It still lacks a separate, private area for lap dances. However, several dancers hinted at their availability for private meetings. I was surprised that a tip of five or ten dollars did not warrant a thanks or a later visit from several of the dancers.
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    This is definitely an old thread. New management rule is that they can no longer show their butts. But that doesn't mean you cannot touch when they come to you. No more lap dances either. There's just a general lack of manly dancers. More often they have skinny twinks wandering around which are really not my type. Some too feminine for my taste.
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    Yes, this is an old thread, but there is a request to update the information. Certainly, the Lucky Horseshoe has survived, long after Madrigal's, the Unicorn, and the Bijou have disappeared. I was there last week on two nights; there were more manly muscle studs, than slender "fem" twinks.
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  16. Joel

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    Yes I agree, there are a lot of very sexy latino boys there now. Danny being exceptionally sexy and loving being touched. I go there just for him.
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    I was there around the 4th as well, and some of the dancers told me that there was new rule where they couldn't give privates dances (even though they've always been tame in the first place). Any clarification on it?
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    They never had private dances to begin with. They USED to have lap dances in a public area around one of the platforms, but from what I understand, even that has recently been stopped. Also, the dancers are no longer allowed to wear thongs/jockstraps. To summarize: No stripping, no partial nudity, no private dances and no contact.

    Basically, Lucky Horseshoe was never a strip club, but a club with gogos. Unfortunately, it's no longer that, either. I don't know if there was a crack-down, but unfortunately, Chicago is pretty much done as far as strip clubs go. Hopefully some enterprising person will consider opening a venue in an outlying suburb. Gay guys pay pretty well.