Club Gold Coast April 12 and 13.....Awful!!

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    I've been back living in Michigan for almost two years now. I just finally ventured back to Club Gold Coast on Thursday and Friday nights. I hadn't been in 2-3 years. The dancer quality was dreadful. Not a single hot masculine guy dancing on either night.

    Thursday had around 10 dancers. All of them were white guys with the exception of one black and one Hispanic guy. All were somewhat or very effeminate. Not my cup of tea at all. Only one of them had a fairly tight worked out body. Kind of an Adam Rippon look. Very few patrons....maybe 10 paying customers. I left before midnight. There was no point in my staying there as there was no-one I was remotely interested in for a lapdance.

    I decided to return on Friday night to see if a weekend night would be any better. It was actually worse. Fewer dancers. Only about 6 guys dancing. Five of them were repeats from Thursday plus one different guy. The club was fairly busy when I arrived around 9:30pm. There was a group of 20-25 people (male & female) there that were part of a "party bus". They stayed for about 40 minutes and then left to move onto the next bar on their schedule I guess. That thinned the ranks at the club. It stayed busier than on Thursday....but still nothing like it used to be. I was gone by 11:30pm.

    I've been an off and on patron of Club Gold Coast for more than 30 years. Whilst it was never close to Montreal/Miami/Atlanta in overall dancer quality, you could always count on there being at least 2-3 hot studs dancing there that were worth taking a private dance with....especially on the weekend. Not any more.

    I seriously doubt this is a viable business as it currently stands. I hope someone steps in to shake things up and improve the dancer quality substantially. Otherwise, I doubt they can last till 2019.
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    I've never been to gold coast because I've never once heard anything good about it. Pretty much the same with every other gay bar/club/bathhouse/spa or whatever in the area. They're all pretty dreadful as far as I'm aware, although I'm not typically into either the strip club or bathhouse/spa scene personally, not that I have anything them. Although obviously you've known of gold coast much longer than me and have gone there quite a few times, so from what you've said I can gather it used to be a lot nicer. I've just never heard anything good at all about it, in the short few years I've even known about it.
    I could be totally wrong but I feel like the reason a lot of the gay spaces in the area are so terrible is because of how many people are 'discreet' or 'dl'. Like I'm not judging anyone, but sometimes I seriously feel like I'm the only comfortably out person in the whole metro area haha. Obviously I'm exaggerating, but still.
    It also doesn't help that all the places like gold coast, menjos, BZ etc. are in not-so-great areas, so they just don't get the customers that really spend money that often. Idk where people actually go though. Probably places in Ferndale or RO, haha.
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    The Gold Coast has been on a steep-and-steady decline for the past 10 years. People used to travel across the border to Windsor for the Happy Tapp. That's been out of business for decades.

    I too am amazed that the Gold Coast is still in business. There are never any skinny, anorexic, masculine twinks 18-19. I haven't ben to Gold Coast in over 3 years though. Plus, people have literally been shot-and-killed in the Gold Coast parking lot. I believe there have been 2 or 3 victims in the last decade.

    Michigan is a dreadful place for gay strip clubs, and gay in general. I've lived in SE Michigan since I was two-years-old.

    EZE, had I known you were in my backyard I would have purchased you a drink ! :)
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    When I lived in Detroit I went to the Happy Tapp every weekend. I sure miss that place. And, I agree, the Gold Coast has been living on borrowed time for quite a while.
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  5. @EZEtoGRU

    I can't tell how masculine or effeminate someone is while dancing and I've learned many times when it comes to sexuality: not to judge a book by its cover.


    I think folks now a days just order in:

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    I think I'll have two servings of John with a bit of Tony for dessert ...

    (and I liked the first part of @marylander1940 's excellent post also; not *just* the menu!).
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  7. I've heard he was more into grabbing his masseurs by the balls... he pushed HE to another level.
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    I spent the first 23 years of my life in Michigan. My coming-of-age as a gay man happened in Detroit and I was perfectly happy with the local gay scene growing up. Sure it wasn't San Francisco or New York but no-where else in the US was.

    The Gold Coast was a solid Midwest strip club for decades. It originally opened in the 70's. I've noticed a serious decline there in the last 5 years or so. 6-7 years ago, I was still having a good time at Gold Coast with there being enough masculine muscular talent dancing to hold my attention. It's true that the area it is located in is very bad.....yet it was always a really bad area even back in the 70's. People flocked there anyways.

    I don't know who the current owner or manager is but I'm gonna say they have serious management/ownership problems. Rule number one for a strip club is you have to hire attractive dancers that people actually want to see doing a strip show. The bar fails completely in that regard. Nothing good will happen there till they fix the issue of the stripper talent they have. In the absence of any fixes, I doubt the bar will survive till the end of the year.
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    Let's cut the BS. It's very easy for most educated people to tell if someone is masculine or effeminate simply by observing the way a person walks, talks, and naturally conducts oneself etc. Some people simply prefer masculine while others feminine. Those two adjectives and genders still exist. There's nothing inherently "wrong" in noticing and attributing the characteristic.

    I also spent my "coming out" years in metro-Detroit and found it "sufficient" for my needs, although obviously would have been much happier in Montreal or San Fran. To my previous point, it is a fact the gay scene sucks in Michigan as the Gold Coast is the last heritage gay strip club remaining...and it SUCKS!!

    Many of the gay venues I grew up with have also fallen out of business. Chosen Books, the Happy Tapp, Menjos, Back Street, the Works, the Complex in Windsor, and MANY more are now history.

    Just like it's a matter of opinion when Montreal started to decline (2005), the same can be said about the Gold Coast (2007). Let's just say I live 30-minutes away in a beautiful suburb and haven't been to the Gold Coast in over 3 years. I spend thousands of dollars traveling to Montreal twice a year. That speaks volumes! Am I wrong?

    Then again, I'm rather closeted and primarily into skinny masculine twinks 18-19 and I don't have a smartphone.

    Grindr and Hornet are the new gay.

    Stormy Daniels is coming next week!

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  10. I thought perception had to do with instinct, experience, etc. and not with having a PHD.

    Yes, adjectives do exists, but who has the right to attribute them and how many gay men are in denial thinking they're safe because of they could pass.
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    And I forgot to mention, at least you wont get murdered visiting Taboo or Stock in Montreal.
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    So we're going to pretend gender doesn't exist?
    What's wrong with "passing"?

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  13. No, I told you it exists.

    Nothing is wrong with passing.

    There was a thread about a frequent poster who invited a well-known escort to have dinner with him. The guy pretty much told him: "I'm a gay men in the closet and if someone sees me with you out in publich they'll know I'm gay".

    An escort came out defending the OP saying he was masculine enough to pass. Who is the judge?
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    Can we please try and keep this thread focused on what is happening at Club Gold Coast. I know that Marylander wants to stalk me incessantly and interject on a topic where he has absolutely nothing useful to add....but my best advice is to completely ignore his nonsense and stick to the topic at hand. Let's have a useful discussion about Club Gold Coast.

    Ps. not send me anymore PMs. I will not be responding to any messages from you so you are wasting your time.
  15. For the 11th time if you want me to be aware that you’re talking about me quote (as I did) me or mention me @EZEtoGRU

    I only sent you one message on another subject. Is not very masculine of you to take things in such a personal way

    Do you ever get tired of pretending to be the policeman of the forum?

    Now please go back to judge how masculine dancers have to be to please you.
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    I've been living in the Detroit area for just about two years now and have visited Gold Coast a handful of times... it's always hit or miss. I stopped by on Sunday around 10:30 and it was definitely a miss. There were two dancers there and about 5 customers. Maybe it was the weather. We didn't stick around very long. I haven't had a private since they moved the private dance area from the back bar area to right next to the front bar... one of the dancers told me they got raided by Detroit PD and that forced the relocation. I don't like to go on Friday or Saturday nights because of the crowds... can never seem to figure out why or when a non-weekend will have a good lineup of dancers.
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    I'm curious if you thought either of the two dancers you saw were attractive or not? The 10 or so dancers I saw on Thursday and Friday last week were not of interest to me at all. Even if they were offering totally free lap-dances, I would have declined. It was that bad.

    I hadn't heard anything about a police raid.
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  19. @EZEtoGRU I was there Friday about the same time you were. I didn't see many dancers to impress either. They had a big shakeup several months ago, the owner fired a lot of the long-time bartenders, promoted one of the dancers to manager, and I'm not sure if that dancer/manager is still in that role; haven't seen him in several weeks. Some of the fired bartenders are back. It's definitely not the place it was five years ago.
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