Club Papi Tijuana info por favor :-D

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  1. I know they have porn stars go, any info, advice etc? Is it way cheap since it's mexico?
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    Yes the club they hold the Tijuana events at has a privates area
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  5. any first hand experience to share Jose? :-D
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    No I've never been to the Tijuana one, only the SF one, but my best friend went to the one in Tijuana and said he hooked with some of the dancers there and outside of the club
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    What, no donkey?
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    I'm heading to San Diego in a couple of weeks and wonder if it's safe these days to go to clubs in Tijuana. I went to Club Extasis YEARS ago; it's very near the border so I felt relatively safe, but I don't know how much things have deteriorated. Anyone been to TJ lately? To any of the strip shows or clubs?
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    Went there a year ago and it only confirmed my decision in 2005 to NEVER go there again. Boarder crossings, especially on weekends, is a big issue. Can take 2-3 hours if you're walking and 8-10 hours is you're in a car.

    Personally, I take the light rail to the boarder and walk across. I would NEVER take a car across the border.

    Have always been hesitant to drive in Mexico. And, I don't think it's a safe place for a novice tourist after dark.